The Famous Alien Abduction Stories Of The Brown Mountain Abductions

For more than a hundred years the residents and tourists of Brown Mountain area in North Carolina have been intrigued and puzzled by the sightings of strange lights, explanation to which is still elusive. It is not a mere con-incidence that many people who have seen these lights have been found missing after watching the lights of the Brown Mountain. While many theories are there which tries to justify the mysterious lights, the folklore is that these lights are connected to alien abductions which is the possible cause of people going missing.

Historical missing people stories of Brown Mountain

The Brown Mountain Abductions Missing people

The first case of missing was reported when a plantation owner had got lost in the Brown Mountains in early 19th century while he had gone there for hunting. His slaves who went out in the mountains to search for him never returned either.

Another important missing case happened in 1850 when a woman disappeared in the mountains. Initially thought by people that she was murdered by her husband, a good number of people from the community joined the search party. When the mysterious lights appeared, people abandoned the search assuming that the spirit of the woman had come back to avenge her death. In the meanwhile, quite a few people from the search party had vanished themselves, who were never being seen again.

The Brown Mountain Abductions Alien connection

In 2011 about 27 people, including 3 cops vanished from the nearby camping area where the lights of the Brown Mountains had appeared. The mysterious brown lights were spotted by hundreds though. Investigations conducted by the local police have not yielded any findings about the source of the lights or the whereabouts of the people who went missing.

Possible alien connection stories of Brown Mountain

While the military and government do not agree to the theories, but as per the locals and many alien enthusiasts the missing cases of Brown Mountain have strong connection with aliens and the people who go missing are actually being abducted by the visitors from the outer space.

A group of researchers had once carried out an extensive research on the lights of the Brown Mountains. They had captured the whole phenomenon in night vision camera. The video that was shot had clearly visible blue lights and a small red light hovering in the mountains at an incredible fast speed. Now this is surprising enough as the only colors that can be seen in a video shot by night vision camera is black and green. The vision of blue and red lights in such a video clearly indicates that those lights were something which was a higher energy beyond the knowledge of man.

Alien abduction Movies and TV shows

The Brown Mountain Abductions Movies

A number of alien abduction movies have been based on the abductions of the Brown Mountains, the most famous of which is the “Alien Abduction” that released in 2014. The movie is based on a family who got abducted from the Brown Mountains while they had gone camping there. Apart from this, the lights and abductions of the Brown Mountain have been featuring in a number of paranormal shows like “Weird or What?”, “Mystery hunters” and “Ancient aliens”.