10 Things What Do Aliens Do When They Abduct You

A flying saucer, a huge beam of light, sudden lost time and strange dreams – if all these things have happened in the same sequence in your life, you can be rest assured that you have been abducted by aliens once or many times. There are many people who are afraid of getting abducted by aliens. If you are not adventurous enough, there are reasons for you to be afraid though. Here are some of the things that aliens will do to you when they abduct you.

The Brown Mountain Abductions Missing people

(1) All alien abductions are followed by a series of physical examination of your body. You would be stripped naked and the aliens would check the different physiological aspects of your body.

(2) Aliens usually insert probes of all types into the different orifices of human body after they abduct the humans. They would insert probes and tubes into your nostrils, your rectum, your vagina (if you are a female), your ears and your mouth.

(3) They would implant certain microchips in various parts of your body, some of which will not be removed as they return you back on earth.

(4) Aliens would also want to carry out various experiments on you and for that they would not only probe you, but will also expose you to various interstellar equipment and gadgets, radiations from which will pass through your body a s apart of the experiments that they are conducting.

(5) Aliens could also engage into sexual intercourse with you, as one of their agendas to visit the intergalactic planets is to produce alien human hybrids that would carry the legacy of the aliens on the planet.

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  1. Is there a newsletter I can subscribe to? My stepfather beats me about my belief in UFOs and aliens and I think a newsletter would really give me the hard evidence I need to cease all physical paternal abuse.

    Many thanks from another sky watcher!
    Eugene Van Der Pump

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