The Roswell UFO Incident and Alien Surveillance: Professor Don Donderi’s Insights

After the Roswell UFO crash incident, experts had various different interpretations of the event. However, Professor Don Donderi, who teaches at McGill University in Canada, had a different perspective. He believed that the U.S. authorities did indeed cover up the incident, but the reason behind it was that the United States did not want the world to know that aliens were monitoring our Earth.

Earth is under the surveillance of aliens. The so-called Roswell incident refers to an event that occurred in July 1947, about 120 kilometers from Roswell, New Mexico, on a ranch, where a disc-shaped flying object crashed. Although the crashed object was taken back by the U.S. military from the Roswell Army Airfield, many people who were visiting the area at the time witnessed the event due to its location on a ranch, leading to various legends.

In a press release issued by the U.S. military on July 8th, they initially referred to the crashed object as a “flying saucer,” but later changed it to “a weather balloon used for meteorological observations.” This inconsistency raised suspicions among many UFO researchers and conspiracy theorists, who believed that the U.S. government was concealing the true nature of the event. Professor Don Donderi’s question was why the U.S. authorities would deny the existence of UFOs and aliens.

After conducting research, Professor Don Donderi pointed out, “The alien technology embodied in the UFO retrieved by the U.S. military is highly advanced. They also discovered that these aliens, who are far beyond Earth in terms of technology, are monitoring us. Therefore, if this technology were to be made public, it would have a massive impact on humanity and could lead to widespread panic. That’s the reason why the U.S. authorities are hiding the truth about this incident.”

He particularly emphasized, “So far, alien technology remains unexplained, and their true purpose and interests in monitoring Earth are unclear. As far as I know, we are fundamentally powerless against them.”

The fact that Earth is under the surveillance of aliens is shocking enough, but even more unsettling is that, despite more than 70 years passing since the Roswell incident, the United States, which is considered the world’s most advanced nation, still does not fully understand what aliens are.

Since the Roswell incident, people have become aware of the existence of Project Blue Book, which was aimed at developing flying saucers, and President Eisenhower’s alleged meetings with extraterrestrials, among other things. Many media reports have revealed close relationships between the United States and aliens.

UFOs, aliens, and related abduction events indeed exist. Professor Don Donderi stated that the existence of aliens should be considered a fact, and accounts of witnessing UFOs and experiences of being abducted by aliens can generally be regarded as reliable information. He provided the following reasons:

“First, some of the information about witnessing UFOs includes extraterrestrial spacecraft, which, for me, is completely beyond reasonable doubt; second, in instances of extraterrestrial spacecraft, some of them are carrying aliens, which is indisputable; third, the abduction of humans by aliens and their subsequent study, of course, cannot be definitively proven. Nevertheless, I know of 10 people who have been abducted. I believe what they say is backed by solid evidence.”

Some may doubt these claims, but considering that Professor Don Donderi teaches a course at the university titled “Unidentified Flying Objects: History and Reality,” the likelihood that his contentions are baseless is extremely low.

Since objective evidence proving the existence of the Roswell incident has not yet been presented, skeptics will undoubtedly continue to emerge. However, it is said that Professor Don Donderi welcomes the questions of skeptics. He also mentioned the following:

“Skepticism itself is not a problem, and if they read my book ‘UFOs, ETs and Alien Abductions: A Scientist Looks at the Evidence,’ they will see that I have great respect for skeptics. Of course, I doubt they will actually read the book. Because I am a scientist, I do not dismiss opposing opinions lightly, as long as they are based on reasonable evidence.”

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