10 Alien Secrets Of The Dulce Base Nightmare Hall

The sparsely populated small town of Dulce in New Mexico has been in news for last few decades. The town lies above the underground facility called Dulce Base, which is allegedly a secret alien base that serves as an experimental facility to aliens to carry out various experiments on humans and other earthly animals. There are many levels in the underground secret base, each one of which hosts a number of heinous experiments on humans and animals. Levels 6 and 7, of the Nightmare Hall are one of the worst levels and there are many horrific secrets attached to it. Here is a quick account of the top 10 secrets of the Nightmare Hall of Dulce Base.

Aliens experiments on humans Dulce Base Nightmare Hall

(1) Level 6 or the Nightmare Halls holds all the laboratories where work and experiments on genetic alterations is being carried out.

(2) Humans are not used in any of the genetic experiments that are being carried out in the Nightmare Hall of Dulce Base.

(3) Animals that are used for carrying out experiments and procedures include mice, seals, birds and fish, among many others.

(4) Owing to the genetic alteration activities that these animals are subjected to, they are vastly altered from their original form.

(5) There are many cages available in Level 6 of the Dulce Base that contains humanoid bat like creatures, that would remind anybody of the mothmen from the John Keel’s 1975 book ‘The Mothman Prophecies’.

(6) The humanoid bats, or gargoyle like creatures which are found in Level 6 of the nightmare hall are about 7 feet tall, however, the height varies from 3.5 feet to 7 feet.

(7) There are many multi-armed and multi-legged humans to be seen in Level 6 or the nightmare Hall. These ‘humans’ are believed to the outcome of different genetic alteration activities that is being carried out in whole of Dulce Base.

(8) Level 7 of the Nightmare Hall has rows after rows of thousands of humans and human mixture remains stored in freezing temperatures. It is completely unknown that who were these people and how did they get captured and mutilated. The worst level has also humanoid embryos that are at different stages of development. These embryos are stored in cages or vats.

(9) There are humans also being found in the same level who are heavily drugged and are found in a dazed state while they are captivated in large cages. These humans would at times cry out of help, their requests falling only on deaf ears as the officials have to say that they are insane people and are subjected to high risk drug tests as a measure for getting cured.

(10) Ex-Government structural engineer Phil Schneider who made statements regarding the Nightmare Hall of Dulce Base thereby revealing many secrets of the underground secret facility was found dead under mysterious circumstances in his residence in January, 1996.

Alien Secrets Of The Dulce Base Nightmare Hall Level 6

(The Dulce Base Nightmare Hall Level 6)

There are many mysteries regarding the activities that are being carried out in the secret underground lairs of the Dulce Base. People who have tried to say anything revealing about the Base have either gone missing or have been found dead under mysterious conditions, thereby making the whole chapter of Dulce Base and its Nightmare Halls all the more mysterious.