Top 10 Evidences To Prove The Alien Experiments On Humans

As per the various reported abduction cases, the abductees are being taken aboard spaceships and are being subjected to a number of painful as well as humiliating experiments. While mainstream scientists prefer to refute the claims of the abductees, there are many evidence found that would speak in favor of the claims. Here are such top 10 evidences that would prove the alien experiments on humans.

1.Sydney based Peter Khoury had an encounter with alleged aliens on 12 July 1988. The thin tall golden yellow colored alien had inserted a long needle like object into his head by the side. On being inspected by medical experts, a head injury was confirmed.

2.Travis Walton, who was abducted by aliens for 5 days showed up with a small red spot on the crease of the right elbow, which resembled spots that be caused by puncture of skin by hypodermic injections. As per the accounts of the abducted, he was subjected to a number of medical experiments which included insertion of probes and needles in various parts of the body.

Alien abduction and Experiments On Humans

3.Kelly Cahill, an Australian woman while returning home from a friend’s house in August 1993 was supposedly abducted by aliens. When she returned home, she discovered a strange triangular mark on her navel, a mark that did not exist even that very morning. Soon after, Kelly had to be hospitalized for two medical conditions once for a stomach pain and a second time for a uterine infection.

4.Debbie Jordan woke up with tremendously swollen eyes on 1st July, 1983, after she had an alleged encounter with a bright shining orb and six strange looking beings in the pool side of her house as Copley Woods, Indiana. Doctors could not determine the root of the swelling of the eyes, which were to remain photo-sensitive for ever since then.

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