Top 10 Proofs of Nordic Aliens on Earth

There are certainly many true incidents where credible people have got the opportunity to witness Nordic Aliens in front of their eyes. Below are discussed about Top 10 proof of Nordic Aliens on the planet Earth.

(1) True Encounter with Nordic Aliens by Jessie Roestenberg in West Midlands, Staffordshire

Jessie Roestenberg Nordic Aliens

This incident occurred on 21st of August 1954 in Staffordshire, England. According to sources, it is believed that Jessie Roestenberg aged about 29 years and her two little children got the opportunity to witness a unique flying object that was hovering above their house. Jessie Roestenberg described that she was able to see two Nordic Aliens who were staring at them from an aircraft that looked similar to a Mexican-Hat.

(2) Astonishing encounter with Nordic Aliens by Travis Walton in Forest of Arizona

Travis Walton
Travis Walton

It was 5th of November 1975 when Travis Walton got the opportunity to witness Nordic Aliens in front of his eyes. It was certainly an ordinary working day and thereby Travis Walton, an American logger was working along with his crew in Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest in Arizona. It was around 6 pm when he was abducted by some horrible creatures having luminous brown colored eyes. After recording his description, it was analyzed that the creatures were none other than Nordic Aliens.

(3) Bizarre experience of Peter Khoury

Peter Khoury Nordic Aliens

This incident occurred on 23rd of July 1992 in Sydney, Australia. It was around 7:30 in the morning when Peter Khoury suddenly got shocked when two strange looking women were kneeling near his bed. They were attractive and even had eyes which were twice the size of normal human eyes. After sometime when the two unusual looking women disappeared, he found that they had wrapped his penis with the help of two blond strands. After conducting a DNA test using the two strands, it was concluded that they were Nordic Aliens.

(4) Jordan Maxwell’s true encounter with Nordic Aliens

Jordan Maxwell Nordic Aliens

This is certainly a true incident that occurred when Jordan Maxwell who was just 19 years old had gone to meet his girlfriend’s father at her residence. He certainly got shocked after finding that his girlfriend’s father is aware about an incident that happened with Jordan during his childhood. To assure Jordan that he has connection with Nordic Aliens, her father told that he had sent three flying saucers in order to save Jordan from enemies.

(5) Encounter of Nordic Aliens with George Adamski

George Adamski Nordic Aliens

This is also a true Nordic Aliens encounter incident which is worth mentioning. It was 20th November 1952 when George Adamski, a polish American citizen met a man with a long hair on the desert of California. Description provided by Adamski proved that the unusual looking man was a Nordic Alien.

(6) Horrific experience by L. Ron Hubbard

L. Ron Hubbard
L. Ron Hubbard

L. Ron Hubbard, a well-known American author and founder of the Church of Scientology is also one of those people who claimed that he had an encounter with Nordic Aliens.

(7) Multiple contact with Nordic Aliens by Daniel Fry

Daniel Fry Nordic Aliens

Daniel Fry, an American contactee also claimed that he got the opportunity to meet Nordic Aliens several times in his life. Reports also highlight that Daniel was able to ride on alien spacecraft on 4th of July 1949.

(8) Encounter with Nordics in a Desert

Encounter with Nordics in a Desert

Jack Parsons, a rocket propulsion researcher and an American rocket engineer also claimed that he met with Nordic on a desert in the year 1946. He got the opportunity to see a Venusian saucer in which the aliens visited the planet Earth.

(9) Encounter with Nordic Aliens by a Swiss farmer

Swiss farmer Nordic Aliens

According to recent reports, it has been found that Billy Meir, a Swiss farmer also had an encounter with a Nordic Alien named Semjase. Description given by him proved that the unusual beings were Nordic aliens.

(10) Bizarre encounter with Alien by a citizen of California

Colonel H.G. Nordic Aliens

It was 18th of November 1896 when a citizen of California named Colonel H.G. Shaw met with three unusual beings who were around 7 feet tall. He also described that aliens tried to kidnap him but he was able to narrowly escape.