Top 10 Evidences To Prove The Aliens Built The Pyramids

One of the most intriguing works of ancient engineering and architecture are the Great Pyramids of Egypt. It is still a wonder that how could the ancient man manage to build something as colossal as the pyramids 5000 years back when there was no technology and obviously no modern tools and machineries. As per the alien enthusiasts, the pyramids were being built by aliens from the outer space. There are many evidences found in the great monuments itself that proves the theory of pyramids being built by the aliens.

(1) The monolith blocks which were used to build the pyramids weight 2 tons each, with some of them weighing as high as 50 ton as well. They did not know the use of the wheels, so how could the ancient Egyptians carry these stone blocks from the other side of Nile River?

Evidences To Prove The Aliens Built The Pyramids

(2) The pyramids were built facing the exact magnetic north. Without a compass, which was no way available 5000 years back, it was certainly not possible for the ancient men to be so precisely accurate regarding building the pyramid in such a way.

(3) The three pyramids of the Giza pyramid complex are aligned exactly with the position of three stars of the Belt of Orion. As the science of astronomy would not have been that developed thousands of years back, it has to be the work of aliens who would have the knowledge of the astronomical positioning of the stars.

pyramids positioning of the stars

(4) The perimeter of the Great Pyramid when divided by two times the height of the monument gives a number which exactly equal to pi, and it is matching till the 15th decimal place. Such mathematical accuracy is certainly too hard to be believed as the work of people who had limited knowledge of mathematics.

Great Pyramid mathematics

(5) There are hieroglyphs present in the wall carvings in the Temple of Seti I at Abydos that resembles the helicopter exactly. There are cravings of other modern day vehicles on the same wall carving as well. The hieroglyphic carving includes a submarine, and a spaceship. These vehicles were invented thousands of years after the hieroglyph was made.

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7 thoughts on “Top 10 Evidences To Prove The Aliens Built The Pyramids

  1. You forgot how the coordinates of the great pyramid of Giza, Is exactly the speed of light. You can even Google it yourself.

    1. @Kian wow that is crazy. That just helped me prove the aliens built the pyramids for my project. Thank you, and I did do a lot of fact checking and it’s true. The first half of the giza coordinates are 299792, and the first 2/3 of the speed of light are wait for it: 299 792. The speed of light was calculated in 1676 AD, and the great pyramid was built in 2650 BC. That’s a 4,236 year difference. MID BLOWING!!!!! Fact check it urself. (Written on 10/12/17)


    1. Well Mr. the ancient Egyptians modeled their gods after the aliens. And there are paintings and artwork of vehicles and flying objects that are well beyond the time of the ancient Egyptians. #schooled

  3. First off, I would like to make it clear that the following information is in no way meant to attack those who created this page or those who currently believe its content, the purpose of this post is simply to inform readers of the dangers of claims like these, and that with a little digging, we can find reasonable explanations to the issues presented. I would first like to address the Giza coordinates brought up by Kian, while this is a very interesting coincidence, it has some problems. the first issue with it being that the speed of light is measured in meters per second, and the ancient Egyptians measured in a unit known as cubits, which are equal to 0.4572 meters. This means that if the Egyptians were to calculate the speed of light, then it would equal 655714037.6203 cubits per second. You may ask how this relates to aliens, the answer is simple, if aliens were to have built the pyramid of Giza and built it so that the location matched the speed of light, they would have had to measure that speed in meters (a human measurement that was not yet invented). Aliens could not have possibly know about the meter and even if they did, it is most likely that the Egyptians would have then adopted the meter (if there was contact between aliens and Egyptians). The second claim I would like to address is the once concerning the movement of the monolith blocks. It is true that the Egyptians did not utilize the wheel to move these, rather they used a wooden sled with oil on its bottom, this sled would then be pulled across pre- dampened patches of sand for movement, and while this was no easy task, it was possible as there are Egyptian depictions of these sleds being used to move statues far larger and heavier than the monolith blocks. The next issue I would like to address is the hieroglyphs that seems to be depicting helicopters and other vehicles. These are not actual depictions of objects rather they are overlapping names of kings. The temple of Seti was constructed during the reign of king Seti I, and his name was carved into the temple, and this name was later overlapped with the name of Ramesses II, and weathering also caused potions of the overlapped hieroglyphs to erode, causing them to take the shape of aircrafts. The fact that the height of the great pyramid is 1/1,000,000,000th of the distance of the sun is purely coincidental. Furthermore, if you wish to find further evidence on the claims found on this page, simple google searches of the specific subject will provide you with scientific and archaeological evidence that proves these claims to be false or coincidental. If there are and questions or concerns to the evidence I have discussed, reply to this post and I will correct further misunderstandings. Thank you.

    1. Hello Student,

      How sure are you that the depictions that you are referring to are not capturing the building of some of the “lesser” pyramids? What monolithic blocks are greater than those used in the construction of the Giza pyramid? Are you sure that the depictions are correctly scaled?

      Are you certain that the Egyptians actually constructed the pyramids and that the modern inhabitants didn’t just occupy the land and attempt to imitate what they might have thought was a super race? Everything cannot be explained as a coincidence due to weathering. It’s insulting!

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