Top 10 Edgar Mitchell Aliens and UFOs Secrets Proof Aliens Are Real

When the whole world is divided on the question of whether aliens are real or not, Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk the moon strongly believed that aliens are real and he had many supporting evidences to prove the same as well.

(1) Edgar Mitchell had never seen a UFO in his life, however, he strongly believed in the fact that most of the UFOs were in fact real and alien contacts have been happening for a long period of time.

(2) The alien spacecraft that had crashed near Roswell in 1947 was actually intended to watch and monitor the developments of mankind in terms of nuclear power. Post world war, White Sands area was used for nuclear testing and that is why the aliens were interested in that area.

Edgar Mitchell aliens nuclear testing

(3) Employees who had been working at the White Sands Nuclear testing facility had reported to Mitchell regarding UFO activities which were pretty common in that area.

(4) Mitchell also had met official from three different countries, who had personal experience of alien encounters. From these meetings, Mitchell learnt that the ETs were giving technological knowhow to the US government; however, the evidences of alien contact are being classified by the government.

Edgar Mitchell aliens in government

(5) Mitchell also had conversations with people deployed at much hyped Roswell base, and thereafter he came to the conclusion that alien bodies were indeed there in Roswell, but the government has covered it up nicely.

What Truth Covered By US Military After Roswell 1947 UFO Crash

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Edgar Mitchell Aliens and UFOs Secrets Proof Aliens Are Real

  1. It’s difficult to locate knowledgeable people on this issue, but you seem like
    you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

    1. Mandy you write a very good blaptosg…domn it it was awesome….even if a give a pics for the tor project i can't desagree with you….you are great….and you remember all the details of every pap pics….and this make me think the exactly thing that you write…thanks as always for sharing

    2. In my my encounter of the third kind. I was taken aboard only what I could explain to be as a the bridge of a space ship resembling that of the one in Star Trek. As I was totally in awe of the site of the planet earth from outer space. A voice or different being was inside my conscience speaking to me like like he was right next to me. I was so taken back I did not turn to look at the being. Because in fact I somehow knew what he what he already looked like.
      He explained to me that we’re 9 other species son earth that were other worldly. Some were kind, others were not and wanted the planet for its resources, us humans to be used as lab rats and slaves. And that earth was not there place they of visitation. But also their home amongst us. Space travel takes s lot of resources. And a lot of precious metals the earth simply does not have. Some live under water near the Bermuda Triangle. Some live underground, or on the dark side of the moon, and come around to grab some of us for experiments, dna testing, and procreation. Some live amongst us in our everyday lives. And there are even some that help run our worlds governments. Or at least don’t let them get to crazy with nuclear weapons. The annunaki were the first race to too enslave, live in greed as they were royalty and enslave the human race as work horses to build their temples. I am not afraid to speak of that day and never felt as if was in danger. He only told me what I truly believe as truths including that he was part of of another race of beings which he called the watchers. I understood they were the eldest wisest beings of all the the all the different races. And had intimate knowledge of the universe and the stars. Sadly he did say that our earth is at war with most all of us against each other. And that eventually our natural resources would be depleted and Mother Earth would look like mars. He didn’t seem sorry for us but talked as if we were an ant hill. He then said we would eventually need to team up and fight. But we are no match for them and will crumble in the cross fire. He was appreciative of our ability create beauty and disappointments in our ability’s to be destroy and ruin the earth as well as each other. But to him. We seemed to be single cell organanisms basically.
      Now he through what I expect was telepathy, he could convey all this to me simply with out words.
      Now with that being said. I later researched if more than one type of e.t. Was believed to be real. And there believed to 10 in total. He said nine. But he was part of the 10 the watchers. Which have been described in the Bible. And do not interefere in the actions of us or the other aliens. They only observe and what I believe is keep records of the cosmos to future study.

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