Top 10 Evidences Proof The Sirius Alien Hoax

The world was taken by surprise in 2003, when a six inch long alien skeleton was found in the Chilean desert of Atacama. The skeleton which got the name Atacama was nicknamed as Ata and resembled a humanoid figure with a large head that overshadowed the rest of the body. Ata had stirred the age old discussions on whether alien life actually exists or not and featured in a documentary film titled ‘Sirius’. However, over the last one decade scientists and researchers have collected many evidences to prove that the Sirius alien story was hoax. Here are some evidences that prove the same.

Top 10 Evidences Proof The Sirius Alien Hoax

(1) The age of the skeleton has not been confirmed by the researchers and scientists however, as per them it would be at least a few decades old. This makes it evident that the skeleton is certainly not from the mortal body of any alien.

(2) No reports of UFO sighting or alien sighting has surfaced from the Atacama Desert region in the last few decades, hence it is very unlikely that an alien’s skeleton would be found there all of a sudden.

(3) The area from where Ata was recovered has the history of such discoveries before also. In 1930s, amateur anthropologist Robert Ripley was seen with a similar 6.5 inches skeleton which looked perfectly human. It is unlikely that the same area would have alien skeletons.

(4) The calcification of the knees of the skeleton had caused the knees to look more like the knees of an adult human, and that proves that the story of the skeleton being that of an alien is a complete hoax.

(5) The plus sized cranium of the skeleton is believed to be caused certain deformities and does not bear any connection with the skeleton belonging to a mutilated alien.

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