Top 10 Buzz Aldrin UFO Sighting Secrets

The Apollo 11 moon landing which completes 45 years this year holds a unique position in our minds unlike other expeditions of similar kind and it was the first time ever when men actually walked on moon. There are many stories associated with this moon landing, which is no less, legendary than the actual event itself and one of the most remarkable events is the UFO sighting by Buzz Aldrin.

(1) Neil Armstrong- misquoted

Neil Armstrong- misquoted

“That’s one small step for a man.”- This is the famous quote by Neil Armstrong after his first steps on the moon. However, this remark had often been misquoted without the “a” and thereby its meaning have been completely altered. There are arguments about what lead to this misquote.

(2) Hypothetical landing disaster

Safire Hypothetical landing disaster

A statement written by Safire for Nixon in the wake of a moon disaster could have been too true for the Apollo 11 expedition had it gone wrong. The statement says,” Fate has ordained that men who went to the moon to explore in peace will stay on the moon to rest in peace.”

(3) The UFO sighting

Buzz Aldrin UFO sighting

In a recent interview on the 1969 event of moon landing, Buzz Aldrin described seeing a unique sight on their way to the moon. The sight was unexpected and alien to them. It may have been an UFO.

(4) Was it really so?

However, whether it was truly an alien or a spacecraft from another world, there are doubts regarding that even among the witnesses. They had seen a light that was moving alongside them in parallel. It could have been the rocket they have separated from any not a UFO.

(5) The possible explanations

It could have been the reflection of the sun on the four side panels. Though Buzz Aldrin do not rule out the chances of aliens existing somewhere in space, he does is not ready to accept that what they had seen was something really extraordinary.

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