Top 10 Kecksburg UFO Crash Secrets

9th December, 1965 was a memorable day for the residents of the small village of Kecksburg in Pennsylvania, USA. At around 4:40 PM locals saw a UFO crash down into the woods. As the cops arrived at the reported crash site, they started investigating the matter. Pretty soon, military showed up and they roped off the entire area and started their search. Although they were spotted removing some object on a flatbed truck pretty soon, the authorities claimed that they had found nothing at the search site.

It was obvious that similar to the Roswell crash incidence that had happened 18 years ago, the government was again trying to cover-up some mysterious story about UFOs and extraterrestrial life. Here are some of the surprising secrets associated with the crash that would reveal that the government did try to cover up the whole thing.

What people initially thought

(1) The object that had crashed in the woods of Kecksburg was seen over a number of states that included Michigan and Ohio as well as Ontario in Canada. The object looked like a fiery fireball and left a trail of smoke behind it which made people initially think that it was a meteor.

Kecksburg UFO Crash fireball

(2) Many people had thought that the object was a remnant piece from the Soviet Russia’s spacecraft Kosmos 96 which was bound for Venus but due to technical failure could not leave the earth’s atmosphere.

Description of the crashed object

kecksburg ufo crash piece of metal

(3) As per the descriptions received from the locals of Kecksburg who could manage to reach the site of the crash before the military arrived, the object that had crashed had the shape of an acorn and the width of the object was about six to seven feet and the length would have been about eight to ten feet. There was hieroglyphic scribbling on the rim of the crashed object.

kecksburg ufo crash site location

(4) After the crash, the flying object didn’t break or cracked and it was slightly dented. A local metallurgy expert who managed to see the object before getting shooed away by the military claims that he has never seen any metal like the one that was used to make the flying object.

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