Top 10 Black Knight Satellite Debunked

Black Knight satellite also referred as Black Knight is an alleged object which is orbiting the planet Earth near the Polar orbit. Some of the ufologists believe that this extraterrestrial object is over 13000 years old. Different types of stories have been described about this alien satellite and thereby it gained huge popularity among the astronauts and common people. Below are discussed about Top 10 black knight satellite debunked.

(1) Black Knight satellite is about 13000 years old

13000 years old Black Knight Satellite Debunked

Sources state that Black Knight satellite which originated from Epsilon Bootes Star System is over 13,000 years old. But this fact will certainly be true if only the aliens were aware about the way by which time is calculated by humans. It’s certainly impossible for the extra terrestrial beings to follow the human calendar.

(2) Rumors have become fact

There have rumors that Nikola Tesla was the first person who had interpreted the signal from Black Knight satellite in 1899. But according to sources, some people have started believing this rumor to be a true fact about Black Knight.

(3) 13000 years was a wastage of valuable time

Black Knight satellite is about 13000 years old

If the extraterrestrial beings were able to send a satellite to the Earth during those years then why did they deliberately had wasted 13000 years to meet the human beings.

(4) No alien threat discovery of Black Knight satellite

If it is assumed that Black Knight satellite had visited Earth before 13,000 years ago but have anyone analyzed as to why they didn’t try to conquer the planet Earth since such a long number of years. If the aliens were not able to do any significant work for such a long time then Black Knight is certainly a piece of stone.

(5) From where did the satellite get the power

Black Knight Satellite Debunked

Have you ever wondered how the satellite got the power? Since there were no reflective surfaces, solar energy was certainly not used to gain the power. If at all the aliens used Pu-238 with 10x efficiency then they will not be able to power themselves more than 1100 years.

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  1. So I have absorbed ALL ancient aliens, megalithic, ancient civilizations theory’s and so on. I believe if I had to look at this logically we were definitely engineered or seeded here. Then just left as you would turn out livestock you had no more use for. Think about it. We are a planet of super volcanoes which decimate the environment with every eruption (every 10,000/50,000 years). We get impacted by a meteor on regular basis (every 10,000 / 50,000 years) also environmentally devastating and so on. Basically this planet although teeming with life has a galactic and terrestrial rest button. So what if we are just a science project that has progressed far beyond contain ability and they don’t what to do.

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