Weird Alien Body Was Found in Meteorite. Unbelievable !!

Last year on September 22, in southern Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, a meteor crash at 8:30 on the same day afternoon, in the hill a giant fireball flying over the Moore town exploded and accompanied by a roar suddenly fall to the ground. The whole Moore town was power outage temporarily. When people rushed to the scene to see what happened, only to find that a lot of extraterrestrial civilization technology to create amazing pieces of metal and the humanoid robot.

mexico alien body in meteorites
At the scene of the meteorite crashed, hanging over the thick black smoke, there is a smell of anxious burnt smell. When people close to see, there are no meteorite fragments but something similar to the metal pieces. In these pieces, someone has found charred bodies lying on the ground in the height of about 30 centimeters. Is it not the falling meteorites, but a UFO?

mexico alien bodies in meteorites
But in detail view, the “specimen” somewhat stiff and joints in the limbs have some of the bare wire, is this “alien robots?
Local residents gathered at the scene, also think this is the “alien robots”, because in the” robot “scattered around some mechanical” parts “. After a few men in uniform took the residents to collect unknown objects and warned: “because of the dangers of radioactive material, to block the unidentified object falling scene”, and put away the residents.
So far, the research in the mystery continues, more detailed content can only wait for further research.