10 Facts of Kelly Hopkinsville Encounter With Little Green Men In 1955

Have you ever heard about little green men who have antenna on their head? Then it will certainly be wise for you to check out the 10 Facts about Kelly Hopkinsville encounter with little green men in 1955. The incident occurred around 7pm in the evening when Billy Ray Taylor had gone out of his farm house to get a bucket of water. After sometime he immediately returned back to his house on seeing an unusual object on their farm. The alien creatures appeared to be harassing the members of the household who were present inside the farm house. To gain further information about this incident make sure to go through the lines discussed below.

(1) Date of Occurrence

According to sources, it has been found that this bizarre incident occurred on the night of 21st of August 1955. The family met with the extraterrestrial beings in a rural farmhouse which is located between small city of Hopkinsville and Kelly in Christian County of Kentucky, USA.

(2) Well documented case

Little Green Men In 1955

Some of the renowned UFOs regarded this incident to be one of the best documented cases that has been ever recorded in the history. Even though some UFOs claim that this incident was investigated by US Air force but there is no such evidence till date.

(3) Number of people involved in the incident

people involved Little Green Men

According to reports, it has been found that seven people were inside the specific farmhouse when this incident occurred. The people were totally shocked after witnessing some unusual creatures that looked similar to that of the gremlins. Later these creatures were popularly referred as Hopkinsville Goblins until the mid 20th Century.

(4) Description given by the seven people

Alien Little Green Men In 1955

The seven people described that the creatures looked unusual. The little green men were around 3 feet tall and had pointed ears. Besides this, they also had long arms and thin legs which seemed as if they were suffering from atrophy. The overall body color of the unusual beings was metallic silver.

(5) Movements of the Hopkinsville Goblins

Hopkinsville Goblins Little Green Men

The Hopkinsville Goblins had an unusual bodily movement. It seemed that they walking against the gravity of the Earth. The people in the farmhouse highlighted that the creatures had a swaying movement and seemed to be floating above ground level.

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