Top 25 Facts Of The 13000 Year Old Black Knight Satellite

Black knight satellite is referred to an alien satellite which is claimed to be orbiting the planet Earth near the polar orbit for around 13,000 years. Even though it was discovered by Nikola Tesla, a Serbian inventor in the year 1899 but it was certainly not confirmed by scientists until the year 1932. Below are discussed about 25 wonderful Facts of the 13000 year old Black Knight Satellite in a brief manner.

(1) Most famous objects orbiting Earth

Black knight satellite is supposed to be one of the most famous objects orbiting the planet Earth.

(2) Transmit Radio signals

Research conducted by famous monitoring agencies concludes that this satellite has been transmitting radio signals for more than 50 years.

(3) Countries that have shown interest on Black knight satellite

USA and Soviet Union have certainly shown interest on this alien satellite since its discovery.

(4) First signal was discovered in 1899

According to sources, it has been found that first signal from Black knight satellite was discovered in 1899 by Nikola Tesla.

Fact of Black Knight Satellite

(5) First unidentified object on Polar orbit

It is presumed to be the first unidentified object on Polar orbit even before USA and Russia didn’t have technology to maintain a spacecraft on this orbit.

(6) Photographed by Dr. Luis Corralos

It was photographed by Dr. Luis Corralos in 1957 when he was clicking pictures of the Sputnik II.

(7) Black knight debuted in Media in 1940’s

This unidentified satellite debuted media in 1940’s after San Francisco Examiner and St. Louis Dispatch wrote about it on 14th May 1954.

(8) Heaviest Artificial Satellite

In the 1960’s, scientists and astronomers found that Black knight was the heaviest artificial satellite weighing more than 10 tons that orbited planet Earth.

(9) Originated from Epsilon Bootes Star System

According to resources, Black knight satellite originated from Epsilon Bootes Star System about 13,000 years ago.

(10) Images released by NASA

First images of Black knight satellite were officially released by NASA.

Fact of Black Knight Satellite 2

(11) Information published by Time Magazine

Time Magazine published report of Black knight satellite on 7th March 1940.

(12) Black knight’s orbit similar to other object’s orbit

This alien satellite’s orbit is similar to various other objects orbiting the Earth.

(13) First spacecraft maintained in the year 1957

USA and Russia maintained first spacecraft in Polar orbit on 1957.

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