How To Communicate With Aliens, If We Find Them Someday?

Dr. John Elliott said: we are on the way to search for extraterrestrial life constantly, so it is necessary to have the ability to decipher their language to communicate with them in the future. On earth, scientists trying to code information such as the ” Arecibo Message ” to make contact with alien life. Dr. Elliott said his information system can decipher alien life and help scientists understand their language.

Dr. John Elliott
Dr. John Elliott

In the past 20 years, Dr. Elliott has been studying how to decipher the language. He said in an interview on how to decipher and understand our language, and maybe one day in the future we can use the same way to decipher alien language with this system. If someday we contact with aliens for the first time, his system will play a vital role in understanding the alien language, not only able to decipher the alien language, at the same time also can allow us to respond. He will use his system to decompose our language into the simple structure. He pointed out that in the same way also can be used to communicate with extraterrestrial life.

Algorithmic messages communicate with aliens

In the 1990 s, Dr. Elliot got a degree in artificial intelligence, and then he also received a doctor’s degree in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence institute. He told the British press in an interview: My major is the natural language processing to understand how the language form and language so that the computer can understand. In the research process, Elliot collected and classified language on earth, and his goal is to let the computer automatically understand unknown language. His research was pioneering and attracted to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence institute (SETI). He hopes his research can come in handy someday and helps human understand more about aliens in the future.