5 Evidences Prove Neil Armstrong Met Aliens On The Moon

As per Neil Armstrong, the first human to walk the moon, it was a small step for man but a giant leap for mankind. He had said this as he believed that humans had achieved the glory of reaching the moon and that was a great accomplishment. Little did he know that a huge surprise was waiting for him on the lunar surface! If secret sources are to be believed, Armstrong was not the first man to walk the moon, but he was also the first man who had encounters with aliens on the lunar surface. Here are some evidences that he had met aliens on the moon.

Neil Armstrong gets greeted

(1) Although the audio transmission was of very poor quality, but it could still be made out that Neil Armstrong expressed his surprise on spotting a light in the rims of one of the lunar craters. When Mission Control requested more information on the same, the transmission went dead and it came back only after a full minute of gap. As per NASA sources, the conversation that had happened in between this lost minute was about how baffled Armstrong was to spot spacecrafts on the moon’s surface. He exclaimed, “What was it? That’s all I want to know…” and he added that the objects are huge and he said with complete confidence that there were other spacecrafts that were lined up on the far side of the crater. He also commented, “They are on the moon watching us…”

Neil Armstrong spot spacecrafts on the moon

Photographical evidences

Luna 13 axles and wheels spread across the surface of the moon

(2) Photographs taken by Luna 13, the spacecraft from the Russian space mission in 1966 clearly show huge axles and wheels spread across the surface of the moon. While speculations were there that these could be objects from the other spacecrafts that had allegedly crashed while being sent on the lunar mission, but the calculated crash sites of those crafts were miles away from where these mysterious objects were being spotted.

Apollo 11 strange light

(3) Even during the journey from earth to the moon, Apollo 11 was constantly accompanied by a strange light, the source for which is not identified till today. As per the astronauts, those lights did not look like getting emitted from other nation’s spacecrafts as no other mission was underway then.

Concealed truths that remains untold

(4) As Armstrong landed on moon, there were two spacecrafts hovering on the lunar sky. The second man to walk the moon, Buzz Aldrin, had taken photographs of these objects as well. Upon their returning to earth, the photos were screened by the CIA before they could be released to the public. It was during these screening sessions, that CIA had removed all the photos that had unidentified objects on the lunar surface.

Neil Armstrong two spacecrafts hovering on the lunar sky

(5) If the several photographs that were taken by Apollo astronauts are being studied thoroughly, it they would reveal that there is a radar or satellite looking structure existing on the far side of the moon. The structure has the shape of a dish antenna and is believed to have been set up years before man landed on moon for the first time in 1969. Neil Armstrong, on his maiden lunar mission had come across these structures which he was not allowed to speak in the public ever.

Apollo 16 Mare Crisium area Aliens On The Moon

NASA official photographs aliens on the moon