7 Evidences Prove The Area 51 Alien Interview Was Hoax

It was 26th July, 1996 when the President of Rocket Picture, Tom Coleman received a phone call from an anonymous person who identified himself as Victor. The caller claimed to have a video tape in his possession that had the footage of an alien being interviewed in the Area 51 of Nevada. The tape contained a three minute video where a brown colored alien being is seen getting interviewed until it chokes and gets attended by some doctors. The video does not have any audio as Victor claimed to have removed the audio citing security reasons.

victor provide the area 51 alien interview

Since its release, the video of the alien interview has been the center of debate for many. While some people have not found any foul play in the video, however, there are many evidences that prove that the alien interview was nothing but a hoax. Here are some of the evidences which prove the same.

(1) It is very surprising that an interview with an extraterrestrial thing is happening in the dark. While the narrator (Victor) mentions that the room has been kept dark on purpose for the comfort of the aliens, but that does not explain the reason behind the darkness. The alien didn’t look to be too sensitive to the torch beams at the end of the video though.

(2) Nothing but the head and a little part of the shoulders are being seen in the alien interview video. If an extraordinary thing like an ET would have been interviewed and if that was being recorded on tape, is not sensible to capture the full body of the creature?

(3) The alien’s head movement was very puppet-like. While there is limited knowledge about the muscle movements of the aliens, but the moves that were made by the alien in the interview video looked very mechanical and far for being natural.

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One thought on “7 Evidences Prove The Area 51 Alien Interview Was Hoax

  1. every comment you make was actually answered in the video. Im not saying its real but you really havent given ANY evidence that has already been given an answer.
    And, we dont look the same as humans….why should aliens?

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