Top 20 Nordic Aliens Facts

Nordic aliens also referred as Blondes, are a species of humanoid extra terrestrials that are found in various parts of the Galaxy. Below are discussed about the top 20 Nordic Aliens Facts that will certainly make you amaze.

(1) Origin

Nordic aliens are believed to have been originated from Pleiades star cluster which is around 400 lights years away from the planet Earth.

(2) Temperature condition of their planet

Planets in which these Nordic aliens dwell generally have a dry and hot climate. Besides this, there is low level of oxygen in their planets.

(3) Appearance and height

According to sources, it has been found that Nordic have human like appearance and even have a height that ranges from 5.5 feet to 7 feet. The average height of males is 2 meters while that of females is about 1.7 meters. They are generally muscularly built and even have a longer head that the humans.

Nordic Aliens Hight

(4) Average weight of the Nordic aliens

The average weight of the Nordic aliens generally ranges from 120 to 240 pounds.

(5) Eye color shade

People who have come across these extraterrestrial beings highlight that Nordic aliens generally have light colored eyes. Reports suggest that the eye color of these aliens is generally red, green, pink, violet and purple.

(6) Vision range

The Nordic aliens have powerful eyes and thereby have the capability to see a specific thing which is located in ultraviolet range of their spectrum.

(7) Number of teeth and skin color

According to resources, it has been found that the Nordic aliens have a pale white colored skin. They have 28 numbers of teeth because molar pairs at the back end are missing in Nordic.

(8) Cell structure of Nordic aliens

The blood cells of these aliens are biconvex in shape in compared to that of the humans who have concave blood cells.

(9) Behavior towards human beings

Nordic Aliens Facts

They are known to be silent watchers of the planet Earth and thereby help human beings to become aware about the behaviors that can lead to a catastrophe situation.

(10) Way of communication

These extraterrestrial beings usually communicate with the help of telekinesis and telepathy. This fact certainly proves that Nordic aliens have psychic powers

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  2. hi , im 6 feet 2 inch tall and weigh almost 90 kilograms i have a big skull but only have 28 teeth as my jaws are smaller than humans ……am i an alien possibly a nordic !

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