Top 7 Alien Evidences Of The Madonna With Saint Giovannino

Do UFOs and aliens really exist? This is a question, answer to which is not available till this date. However, if certain samples of medieval art are to be considered, it would become evident that UFOs and aliens do exist. There are various medieval paintings where UFOs or aliens are seen in the background of the painting, proving that ancient people had regular encounters with aliens. One such painting is the famous ‘The Madonna with Saint Giovannino’, painted by Domenico Ghirlandio in the 15th century. There are multiple evidences in this painting that points towards the affirmation of the fact that aliens and UFOs do exist.

ancient ufo paintings the Madonna with Saint Giovannino

(1) A mysterious flying object is seen flying high in the sky over the left shoulder of Madonna in the painting. The flying object certainly looks like a modern day flying saucer.

(2) There are yellow beams being emitted by the mysterious flying object which resembles the halo that most alien spaceships are seen with. It matches exactly with the accounts of the modern people who had UFO sightings. As per modern reports most UFOs are seen emitting lights in a halo form. The color of the light varies between yellow, orange, red or blue.

(3) A man is seen in the background of the image. He is looking up in the sky towards the flying object. His hand is raised towards his forehead which signifies that he is trying to focus on the object properly. If it had not been an UFO, the man would not have focused so much on it and the painter would not have painted it that way.

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