Top 10 Evidences Of The Ancient Astronaut Theory Proof

“Are we alone in the whole universe?” is one question that has been haunting humans for centuries. While scientists are yet to arrive at a conclusive response to this question, the ancient astronaut theorists will reply with an emphatic “No”. They cite several pieces of evidence that prove the correctness of the ancient astronaut theory and confirm that not only aliens are pretty much there, but they have been visiting Earth since ancient times and sharing a part of their knowledge with mankind to push them towards getting modern. Here are top 10 pieces of evidence to prove the ancient astronaut theory.

Ancient Texts that bears pieces of evidence

(1) The ancient texts and epics talk about crafts that could fly in the air. Humans of the ancient era had not technical knowledge to build anything that could fly in the air and hence it must be the alien spacecraft that has been mentioned about in those ancient texts like the Indian epics Ramayana and Mahabharata.

aliens in the Sumerian Gods

(2) There are many verses in different chapters of the Holy Bible that talks of Godly figures that came down from the skies and interacted with humans. It is a clear indication that the ‘Gods’ are nothing but aliens who came down from the skies as they traveled to earth from different planets.

What Does the Bible Say About Aliens

(3) As per the Book of Ezekiel, a prophet had a vision of a flying machine that was emitting fire, smoke and noise. The design as mentioned in the religious book matches perfectly with that of a modern day spaceship. If it were not the aliens, who could have built such an advanced aircraft, 2500 years back?

Book of Ezekiel Ancient Astronaut Theory Proof

Ancient artifacts that bears evidence

(4) The lid of Pacal, the great Mayan emperor’s sarcophagus has intricate carvings that depict the emperor seated in something that looks exactly like a spaceship. There are hand and foot controlled panels which the emperor is seen to be controlling. This is strong evidence that the ancient aliens do exist and they were in touch with the Mayans.

(5) The various figures that are seen on the Mesopotamian cylinder seal resemble atomic structures and other scientific models. The seal was made about 5,000 years back and that point of time, human intelligence were nowhere close to knowing about these advanced aspects of science. This seal is clear evidence that ancient aliens did share their knowledge with ancient man.

Mesopotamian cylinder seal atomic structures

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