Top 5 Ancient Civilizations Which Are Suspect To Build By Aliens

Historians have been finding many civilizations that have existed on the soils of the planet since thousands of years. Most of these ancient civilizations has been awing modern man with their highly developed skills of engineering, construction and science. Considering the limited knowledge of those ancient men, it is proposed by the ancient alien theorists that many of the civilizations were actually built by extraterrestrials from beyond the earth. Here is a list of top 5 civilizations which are suspected to have been built by the aliens.

No. 1 – Sumerian civilization

Sumerian civilization Built By Ancient Aliens

It is proposed that the aliens visited the earth in ancient times for mining gold and for that they needed workers. This is the reason that the mysterious visitors to the planet helped building the Sumerian civilization that would serve as a supply of manpower to the aliens. More so, the Sumerians believed that they were created by Annunaki who came from the stars to this planet. Several depictions of alien figures in different Sumerian artwork prove that the aliens were a part of the lives of the Sumerians.

No. 2 – Mayan civilization

Mayan civilization Built By Ancient Aliens

There are many evidences that the Mayan Civilization was strongly influenced by the aliens, or may even have been built by them. The different colossal structures of the Mayan civilization found at the sites of Mayapan, Copan, Palenque and many more, that were supposedly built two thousand to four thousand years back are so very technologically advanced that even the modern day engineer would be pondering on how could those primitive men manage to handle such mammoth construction work. The highly advanced Mayan calendar also speaks high about their technology which by no means could have been only theirs in those primitive times.

No. 3 – Inca civilization

Inca civilization Built By Ancient Aliens

Like the Mayans, the Inca civilization also has many sites that speak high about the engineering skills of the primitive Incas. The megalithic monuments of Puma Punku, the highly scientific and astronomic monuments of Tiwanaku, the highly planned city of Machu Pichhu, mysterious Nazca lines of Peru and many such instances from the civilization of the Incas point boldly towards the fact that a highly advanced and intelligent class of beings from the extraterrestrial world has helped these primitive men build such an advanced and mighty civilization.

No. 4 – Egyptian civilization

Egyptian civilization Built By Ancient Aliens

The great pyramids of Egypt, the unearthly structure of the Sphinx and the presence of various scientific vehicles like the helicopter, submarines and jet airplanes, along with numerous unexplained humanly but not human figures and shapes in the Egyptian hieroglyphics dating back to five thousand years, forces the theorists of ancient aliens to believe that the aliens had taken active part not only to build the civilization of the Egyptians, but they helped the ancient Egyptians run it as well. Building such colossal structures with primitive tools and limited knowledge was otherwise impossible for the ancient Egyptians.

No. 5 – Indus Valley civilization

Indus Valley civilization Built By Ancient Aliens

A map of the cities of the Indus Valley civilization that dates back to five thousand years old would startle modern day administrators as well, they are so well planned. The drainage and sewage systems of the civilization is too good to be five thousand years old as it is at par and in some aspects even better than modern times. Without highly developed skills of engineering and architectural intellect, all this would never have been possible and it is most unlikely that the human brains were developed to this extent five thousand years back. It had to do something with the intelligence of aliens.