The Secrets Of The Betty And Barney Hill’s Alien Abduction Stories

The story of the abduction of Betty and Barney Hill is something that every UFO enthusiast is aware by now. The Hill’s abduction stories have been the source for many books and even a few movies as well. There are however some secrets that are not known to anyone and even if they are known, people prefer not to discuss them in details. In this article, we would try to point at those secrets which have come out from the statements given by the abducted couple during their sessions of hypnosis.

An introduction to the Betty And Barney Hill couple

Before they got publicly popular with regard to the encounter that they had with extraterrestrials, the couple had already made quite a sensation amongst the locals as they had a mixed marriage, something which was not a common practice in America those days. Betty Hill was a European American woman who was a social worker and her husband, Barney Hill was an African American who worked as a clerk in the U.S. Postal department. The Hills used to live in the city of coastal city of Portsmouth in New Hampshire.

Betty And Barney Hill


After the alleged encounter with the aliens, when the Hills returned home, they discovered a few anomalies, explanations to which were not readily available to the couple. The strap of the binocular was broken, Barney Hills’ dress shoes were scraped, Betty’s dress was torn at the zipper, hem, and lining. She also noticed a pinkish powder on the dress which got blown away as she had hung the dress on the clothesline. The trunk of the car had shiny concentric circles, origins to which were not known to the baffled couple. When a compass was moved near it, the compass would whirl rapidly proving that a strong electromagnetic force was prevalent in those circles.

The medical examinations

After they got abducted and were taken to the large pancake sized spaceship, medical examinations were being conducted on the couple. The vertebrae count, sperm samples, scraped skin were taken from Barney who also was subjected to a pipe sort of thing being shoved up his anus which was removed after a short while. The extraterrestrials had taken hair samples, nail samples from Betty Hill and her eyes, nose, ears, teeth, mouth, throat and hands were examined. The whole idea of this medical examination, as per the Hills was to note the physiological and biological differences between humans and the aliens.

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