What Truth Covered By US Military After Roswell 1947 UFO Crash?

In the 1947 United States Air Force surveillance balloon crashed at a ranch in Mexico near New Roswell. The crash was believed to be extraterrestrial spaceship invasion. However the military covered it and said that it was a weather balloon that had crashed. In the year 1970 interest arose when claims emerged that it was an alien spaceship which had fallen and the military covered it up so that public cannot know about it. The conspiracy theory about the alien spaceship has continued to attract attention of many people and media. The theories over the years have continued to evolve and people are following it up.

Truth Of Roswell 1947 UFO Crash

When the ufologists have continued to come up with other theories about this military cover up, in 1990 the American military published a report disclosing the true nature of the events about the crashed project mogul balloon. The Roswell incidents continue to be of interest to media and conspiracy theorists and the even undertakings have continued to attract attention. The Roswell incident has been called the world famous and most exhaustively investigated and most thoroughly debunked UFO in the world.

There were hundreds of people who were interviewed about the event. The researchers and critics point out that they even saw the debris of the alien ship. Most of the witnesses were repeating the same claims about what others had said on the same issue. Because of the same stories repetition the American court ruled the case as inadmissible. Of the 90 people who were interviewed for the book Roswell Incident approximately 271 people were listed in the look and this number does not include the anonymous responses. Out of the 300 plus people only 41 of the people can be considered to be credible. The rest were second hand informants. Several of the interviewed claimed to have seen the debris of the alien ship. The people who claimed to have seen the debris majority were repeating the claims of others and not necessarily giving their first hand information. The claims by these witnesses were considered to be just fabricated stories or events that they had heard someone else tell to them

Although there was a soldier who had written about what he had seen in the Military cover up it was never released until when he was old and in his deathbed and therefore his state of mind was questionable. This means he could not recall the things of the past that had happened ages ago.