Roswell Secrets Of Stanton Friedman, One Of The Top UFO Researchers

Of all the alleged UFO sightings, it is the Roswell UFO incident that has grabbed more headlines than anything else. Rumors had it that the U.S. Air Force has played a major role in covering up the whole story of the crash of a flying saucer in the fields of Roswell in New Mexico. Multiple pieces of evidence have been produced by the Air Force officials that pointed towards the fact that the flying object that had crashed was nothing but a weather balloon which was set on air by to capture sound waves of possible Russian atomic bomb tests.

Stanton Friedman, one of the top UFO researchers, reveals number of secrets

Renowned nuclear physicist and UFO researcher, Stanton T. Friedman carried out a thorough research on the whole matter to unravel the mysteries and ambiguities that prevailed. Through his research, Friedman came across a number of secret information which clearly showed that the US Air Force officials had not been truthful in many instances to cover-up the whole thing. Here is a brief account of the secret findings of Friedman on the Roswell UFO incident.

Stanton Friedman, One Of The Top UFO Researchers

Change in news by the local newspapers

Friedman, in his research, came across the observation that while one of the evening newspapers had published the news of the government recovering a flying saucer, another one, which was published a little later than the first one was made to publish that the flying saucer that was recovered was a radar weather gadget. It was evident from this that the government did not want the news of the recovery of the flying saucer to be made public and hence they quickly made a cover-up attempt by giving it the name of a ‘weather gadget’.

Theory of Mogul balloon was a lie

The initial news that came out on 8th July 1947 mentioned that local rancher Mack Brazel had discovered the wreckage of the crash ‘last week’. However, the official report titled “The Roswell report: Truth vs. Fiction in the New Mexico Desert”, it was mentioned that the wreckage of the supposed Roswell UFO crash was that of a top-secret Mogul balloon project that downed on 14th June 1947. 14th June is certainly not a week prior to 8th July and this proves that the official reports were fabricated.

Friedman also pointed out that the wreckage caused by a crashed Mogul balloon would not match the description of the initial witnesses. The first witness of the crash site, rancher Brazel had stated that the wreck contained tin foil, rubber strips, rather tough paper and sticks amongst many other things. Now these objects should not be a part of wreckage that would be caused by the crash of a weather balloon. On the contrary, the wreck should have contained long strings that connect the 20 balloons of the Mogul balloon setup, and surprisingly nothing like that was available. These secrets reveal that the story of Mogul balloon was an attempt by the RAAF (Roswell Army Air Field) officials to hide the truth.

Roswell Secrets Of Stanton Friedman

Wrong communication regarding spread of the debris

In various testimonials, a number of Air Force officials had stated that the spread of the debris was not more than 200 yards, whereas, as per statements of Major Jesse Marcel and rancher Brazel, the first witnesses of the crash site the spread of the debris was a ¾ mile long and around 500 feet wide. This was another secret that the RAAF was trying to hide out which got pointed out in the research conducted by the ‘Flying saucer physicist’, Stanton T. Friedman.