Alien Crop Circles Debunked And The Theories

The debate on whether crop circles are made by aliens or humans is something that has been ongoing since the first reports of crop circle sighting was done in 1970. While promoters of alien theories believe the crop circles to be coded messages from the aliens, the realists and scientists refute this thought firmly.

The crop circles debunked theories

There are certain theories that are being put forward by the debunkers which do point out to the fact that the crop circles are nothing but the handiwork of mere mortals. These theories are discussed below.

(1) While there are innumerable reports of UFOs and aliens being sighted at different places of the earth, there has not been a single firsthand account that claims someone having seen an alien making a crop circle. The few videos showing the making of crop circle by mysterious lights have been proved to be the work of digital manipulation. The artistic aliens are shy of the cameras it seems.

(2) People staying in the vicinity of the places where crop circles are formed have never reported the sighting of any UFO or unnatural occurring. It is very unlikely that the aliens would produce the crop circles from the cozy comfort of their own planets which would be quite a few hundred light-years away, if at all something like that existed in reality.

(3) While crop circles have seen spotted in 26 different countries over the last four centuries, the maximum of them has been spotted in Southern England and especially in the county of Wiltshire. It is not at all believable that the aliens find the fields of Southern England a better medium to exhibit their artwork than any other place on the planet.

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