Varginha UFO Controversy: Witness Testimonies vs. Military Findings

On January 20, 1966, the famous “UFO Crash” event occurred in Brazil, known as the Varginha UFO Incident. At the time, there were rumors that the UFO had the appearance of a submarine and was about the size of a small bus. When it crashed on a farm, reports in a Brazilian UFO magazine claimed that extraterrestrials were captured, and there were also rumors of other extraterrestrials escaping.

Following the incident, numerous reports from the public claimed to have seen these extraterrestrials in the vicinity of their homes. The local fire department received several calls describing encounters with unidentified wild animals. Due to the significant disparity between the military’s investigation results and the accounts of witnesses, many believed that the military intentionally concealed the truth, adding to the mystery surrounding this event. Now, let’s decode the events and analyze its authenticity for you.

Varginha UFO Incident

The UFO that appeared in Varginha, Brazil, in 1996, stood out due to its size and the impact it generated. The Brazilian Air Force seemed well-prepared for the arrival of the UFO, but this also indicated their ongoing secrecy about such information.

The United States issued an early warning that an unidentified flying object was rapidly approaching the city of Varginha. The local military was on high alert due to the perceived seriousness of the situation. Residents reported seeing several strange objects drifting through the streets, and some even recorded videos of them. In these home videos, the unidentified flying objects emitted smoke and exhibited irregular movements. Some witnesses mentioned seeing a cigar-shaped craft with traces of smoke trailing behind it.

On the following morning, Varginha city was in turmoil as reports emerged of strange creatures being spotted in the outskirts. The military cooperated with local firefighters to capture one of these creatures. Three gunshots were heard during this operation. Soldiers claimed to have seen a living being inside a bag, but the firefighters refused to answer any questions, citing the matter as classified.

In the afternoon of the same day, two young girls reported seeing a different type of creature and rushed home to inform their mother. They described this creature as having large eyes and horn-like protrusions on its head. This second creature was eventually captured in the evening and taken to a nearby hospital, where it later died. Rumors circulated that both of these creatures were sent to a biological laboratory at the University of São Paulo for examination. However, it was also rumored that a soldier involved in the capture of the second creature died from an unknown bacterial infection.


Another rumor suggests that the military captured extraterrestrials on the same day, with several witnesses on the scene. There were even accounts of children and civilians throwing stones at these extraterrestrial beings on the day following these ongoing rumors.

At 3:30 PM on that day, three young girls were walking together in the rain, a few streets away from their homes. The girls were Liliane Fatima Silva (16 years old, on the left in the picture), her sister Valkyrie Aparecida Silva (14 years old, in the middle of the picture), and their friend Katia Andrade Xavier (22 years old, on the right in the picture). They observed a red-eyed extraterrestrial crouching in the corner of a wall. This extraterrestrial had enormous red eyes, was 5 feet tall, had three horns on its head, brown skin, and emitted an ammonia-like odor.

Reports indicate that when these three girls saw this “terrifying creature,” they were immediately frightened and fled in panic.

These three girls claimed to have seen the “terrifying alien” crouching on the ground at the scene.

The girls claimed that the creature appeared to be somewhat sick or injured, sparking further rumors. Subsequently, other nurse witnesses reported that the extraterrestrial had been transferred to a local hospital. There were also rumors that the extraterrestrial had died, and its body had been examined by an orthopedic physician before being sent to the United States.

According to the given article, the three girls (Liliane Silva, Valkyrie Aparecida Silva, and Kátia Xavier) encountered an extraterrestrial being in Varginha, Brazil, on January 13, 1996. Here is a summary of their descriptions:

  • The extraterrestrial was described as thin, with large red eyes, no pupils, and moist, shiny skin, resembling a frog or reptile. It had three prominent protrusions on its forehead that were likened to horns.
  • The creature appeared to be frightened and affected by the heat.
  • It had a very small mouth, and its skin had a wet, damp appearance, similar to someone who had just emerged from a swimming pool.
  • The eyes of the extraterrestrial were red and about three times larger than human eyes.
  • Initially, the girls were afraid when they first saw the creature, but they later believed that the extraterrestrial was also scared, just as they were of it.
  • The girls stated that the being was neither human nor animal, and one of them later considered it might be a being from another planet.
  • They also described finding circular footprints with three long toes left behind by the creature.
  • The girls reported their observations at the time, but they were met with ridicule by the local media. However, they did not change their testimonies in the 25 years that passed between the event and the making of the 2021 film.

The described encounters are part of a broader story involving the Brazilian government’s involvement, cover-ups, and threats. While the story may sound like science fiction, it has intrigued many, and a documentary called “Moment of Contact” attempts to provide compelling evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial beings that have visited and interacted with Earth.

Military Involvement in the Investigation:

At the time, the Brazilian military was involved in investigating this incident. Later, they concluded that the “terrifying extraterrestrial” the three girls claimed to have seen crouching by the wall was, in reality, a locally known mentally disabled man who was about 34 years old and was both deaf and mute. On that rainy day, he appeared dirty and was crouching in his unique posture near the wall.

Investigators later discovered that these three girls often saw this man while passing by that street on regular occasions. In fact, one of the girls had even offered him a cigarette. It was speculated that, on that day, due to the constant news reports and rumors of extraterrestrials escaping, there was a great deal of commotion. Along with the fact that these sensitive teenage girls were somehow involved in a collective false report prank.

A comparison of the crouching posture described by the eyewitness girls and the distinctive crouching posture of the intellectually disabled man.

Additionally, a Brazilian UFO researcher, Vitorio Pacaccini, who strongly believed in UFOs, published an investigative report in 1999, stating that he found no resemblance between the appearance of the mentally disabled man and the characteristics of the red-eyed extraterrestrial. However, UFO researchers who believed in the phenomenon used comparative images to argue that the appearance features of the mentally disabled man and the red-eyed extraterrestrial described by the girls were different. Therefore, he believed that the military was trying to cover up the truth.

Furthermore, during the rumors that the “red-eyed extraterrestrial” was taken to the hospital, a pathologist named Dr. Fortunato Badan Palhares was responsible for the autopsy.

On the left, Vitorio Pacaccini, the Brazilian UFO researcher investigating this “alien” eyewitness case.

In this story of the captured extraterrestrial, the pathologist mentioned by name (while many others remain anonymous) finally publicly responded to sharp inquiries from a UFO researcher in October of this year, after 16 years. He unequivocally stated, “It never happened!” This pathologist made his first public clarification, asserting that the entire incident of the red-eyed extraterrestrial in Brazil was the result of some writers’ fantasies. He further claimed that those who alleged he had conducted an autopsy on an extraterrestrial were all charlatans, as no such event ever took place. The whole incident was a product of UFO researchers’ speculations, inferences, and even hallucinations from that time.


The authenticity of the Varginha UFO Incident is marked by significant discrepancies and controversy between the military’s investigation and the accounts of witnesses, giving rise to many doubts. Here is an analysis of these differences:

1. Witnesses’ Descriptions: The witnesses, three young girls, claimed to have seen a massive extraterrestrial being with red eyes, three protuberances, brown skin, and an ammonia-like odor. They described this being as a “terrifying monster,” a description consistent with the concept of extraterrestrial beings, attracting widespread attention.

2. Military Explanation: The military’s investigation, however, concluded that the so-called “terrifying monster” was actually a local, approximately 34-year-old mentally challenged man who was deaf and mute. This difference is substantial, as the witnesses and the military provided entirely opposing explanations. The military believed it was a misunderstanding because the man was well-known locally, and the witnesses had seen him regularly.

Varginha UFO crash incident three girls interviewed

3. Views of UFO Researchers: Some researchers who firmly believe in UFO phenomena argue that the witnesses’ descriptions do not match the characteristics of the man, and they provide comparative images to support their claims. They believe that the military may have deliberately concealed the truth and consider the event to be genuine.

4. Pathologist’s Clarification: Pathologist Dr. Fortunato Badan Palhares publicly clarified for the first time after 16 years, stating unequivocally that “it never happened.” He emphasized that the entire event was a product of the imagination of certain writers, and those claiming he dissected extraterrestrials were frauds.

In conclusion, the authenticity of the Varginha UFO Incident remains unclear due to significant differences and contradictions between witness accounts and the military’s investigation. While the witnesses provided detailed descriptions of extraterrestrial beings, the military’s findings contradicted them, suggesting the beings were a local man. Some UFO researchers support the witnesses’ accounts and suspect a military cover-up. However, the pathologist’s clarification indicates that the event may have been a fabrication.

Overall, the truth of this event remains shrouded in mystery, and there is currently insufficient evidence to confirm its authenticity. Therefore, the Varginha UFO Incident retains an aura of mystery, continuing to spark discussions and investigations into the existence of extraterrestrial life. The three girls who were at the center of the controversy have since moved on with their lives, some even married, and may not have fully realized the consequences of their prank from that time. Generations after, some are still ensnared in the enigma of this event.

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