Top 5 Alien Things Learning From The Betty and Barney Hill Abduction

The world was taken by shock when public revelations of the Betty and Barney abduction case were done on 25th October 1965. The alleged event of abduction had happened on 19th July 1961 when a couple were driving back home in Portsmouth, New Hampshire from a vacation. Betty and Barney Hill, a social worker and a postal clerk respectively by profession were subjected to sessions of hypnosis where they gave details accounts of what had happened on the night of the abduction.

Top 5 things learning from The Betty and Barney abduction case

From the accounts of the Hills, one can learn many new things about the aliens and their characteristics. Here are the top five things that are being taught by the Betty and Barney abduction case.

(1) Contrary to the other stories of alien abductions where humans have been abducted permanently not to be seen again, the Betty and Barney abduction case teaches us that the purpose of the aliens to abduct humans is not to carry out gruesome acts of cruelty on them, but to note differences between the humans and the aliens in terms of physiological and anatomical details.

The Betty and Barney Hill

(2) The usual images of aliens have been drawn as masters of cruelty, who do all sorts of cruel acts on humans, which include physical torturing as well. Testimonials from Betty Hill in Betty and Barney abduction case, however, tells us that the aliens had a pleasant personality and that they were quite friendly with the couple for the time duration they were on the spaceship.

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