Top UFO Sightings In America

The most talked about mass UFO sighting happened on 13th March 1997, in Nevada when around seven hundred people spotted strange lights in the sky that hovered over the city Phoenix for more than a couple of hours. While the U.S. Military has refuted the possibility of those lights bearing any connection with aliens or UFOs by calling them as flares that were being launched by A-10 Warthog aircraft, many residents of Phoenix, including the then Governor Fife Symington, believe that it was something more than mere flares.

The other case is about the cops of Madisonville, Kentucky received panic calls from the residents on the afternoon of 7th January 1948 where they complained of sighting a strange circular object hovering over the head that was giving off a brilliant glow as well. The radar at the Fort Knox air base also spotted the UFO and scrambled a squadron of P-51 fighter jets to set on a pursuit. The Squadron leader Captain Thomas Mantell had sent a radio signal stating that the thing was metallic and was enormous in size. This was the last radio signal before Mantell crashed and died. While official explanation of the crash said that the pilot had run out of oxygen, but UFO logists believe that there is some hidden fact behind the crash which has got something to do with the UFOs.