Top 10 Mysterious Alien Crop Circles In The World

The video talks about the various mysteries of the world that includes intricate designs that are found to be seen in the crop fields of various countries, especially in the Wiltshire country of England. The narrator tries to draw the attention of the viewer to the point that the area of Wiltshire has always been the home for mysterious things like the Stonehenge or the large animal pictures that are drawn on the hills in ancient days.

The video also talks about the Nazca lines of Peru and tries to find out the unknown reasons behind the drawing of these huge lines in the desert. After much investigation, the scientists come to the hypothetical conclusion that the Nazca lines of Peru were actually methods of the ancient people to record the positions of the various hidden sources of water and the various imageries that are drawn on the desert were basically methods to identify the different sources of water from each another.

Wiltshire Crop Circle

What are crop circles and why are they mysterious?

The crop circles are basically an event of crops being flattened in the field to create a geometric shape of another type of figure on the field. In most cases large dimensional crop circles have appeared in fields overnight, which has fueled the thought of the alien connection to them further. The designs that are created by the crop circles can be understood better only if an aerial view of the same is taken.

The most mysterious crop circles

Here are the top ten mysterious crop circles, which are allegedly formed by alien powers as people believe that making such intricate designs on the fields is not possible by any human.

1.The ant crop circle found in Britain.

The ant crop circle found in Britain

2. The crop circle that depicts an alien face smoking a pipe is good

crop circle that depicts an alien face smoking a pipe is good

3. Talking bird crop circle – Initially thought to be resembling an angel fish, the experts soon discovered that the crop circle had some encrypted language in it as well, which makes this crop circle to be believed as all the more connected to the aliens.

Talking bird crop circle

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