Top 10 Real Life Alien Encounters Stories

An encounter with the aliens from other planets is something that doesn’t happen too frequently with earthlings. However, out of whatever little count of such alien encounters are reported, some of the encounters are really hair-raising and would bring anyone to the edge of their seats. Here are such top 10 real life alien encounters collected from firsthand accounts of the abductees themselves.

No. 10 – Disappearing of Sonia

disappearing of sonia alien encounters

A British woman called Sonia had the feeling that she was abducted. As she also feared that the aliens would return to take her back with them, her husband had installed CCTV cameras in the room. One night, the camera captured her vanishing on her bed, just to return back after 13 minutes the exact same way as she had disappeared.

No. 9 – The Stanford abduction story

Stanford alien abduction story

Mona Stafford, Elaine Thomas and Louise Smith, three friends got abducted by an alien spaceship on 6th January, 1976 while they were returning from Lancaster to their hometown in Liberty, Kentucky. The alien spaceship was a massive, metallic, disc shaped object with ring of red lights around the midsection and a dome at the top. The ladies were later subjected to lie detector tests which they passed with flying colors.

No. 8 – Kirsan Llyumzhinov’s alien encounter story

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov

Russian politician Kirsan Llyumzhinov had an encounter with aliens on 17th September when he was being abducted by yellow suited aliens. After being taken aboard a transparent spaceship, Llyumzhinov was initially facing issues understanding the speech of the aliens, which later on became easy as telepathic communication began to happen between the earthling and the alien

No. 7 – Buff Ledge abduction story

Buff Ledge abduction story

While working in a summer camp at Buff Ledge in 1968, two teenagers claimed to have been abducted by aliens whom they had spotted earlier in a UFO. The aliens, as per the abductees, did not have lips or ears and had webbed fingers and slits for noses. Various samples were taken from the abductees before they were returned back. People who were not aware of the abductions in the camp and nearby sights had also reported sighting of strange lights the same night.

No. 6 – Pascagoula abduction story

Pascagoula abduction story

Co-workers Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson had reported of being abducted by aliens in October 1973 when they were out fishing on the west back of the Pascagoula River in Mississippi. The men, after being abducted were subjected to a series of examinations which they could not resist as they were temporarily paralyzed, although they were fully conscious. The aliens were three in number.

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