Top 10 Illuminati Aliens Secrets

Illuminatis have been reported as the deepest and darkest conspiracies ever which happened against the population of the earth. The common men will never know about this, unless the stories are unzipped wide-mouthed, and boldly. The truth must be uncovered, and that is why this discussion needs highlights which tell about the 10 darkest secrets which have been kept so far covered by the alien Illuminatis. Now is the time that they get unveiled for the welfare of the common man.

(1) The presence for bunkers for capturing and testing humans

bunker in Sao Paulo in Brazil

Did you ever know that there exist bunkers in various parts of the world for testing of the humans? This has been proved when one of the ex-Illuminati member reported about this in his blog, and old how the alien Illuminati has plans of capturing the most influential and richest persons of the world during the long planned third world war which will come up soon. The largest bunker which can hold almost 5000 people is in Sao Paulo in Brazil.

(2) The truth of Leon Trotsky

Leon Trotsky

The world knows that Trotsky died in the war with Stalin. But it’s not the truth. It’s been revealed once again by the ex-Illuminati that Trotsky was actually trapped till death in one of the Illuminati raised bunkers in Switzerland.

(3) Fake assassination of Lincoln

Fake assassination of Lincoln

The death of Abraham Lincoln was a great conspiracy planned by alien Illuminati, and he was actually not murdered by John Wilkes Booth; rather he had spent a peaceful life under cover, and the assassination was totally a fake show. This was a long planning which executed the Civil war for making the North richer.

(4) The role play by Saddam

role play by Saddam Hussein

The role of Saddam Hussein in Iraq was another trap set by the US so that they could emerge into power and take over the country while getting control over the oil reserves. The whole game of Saddam’s dictatorship was a big game plotted by the Illuminati.

(5) Nuclear arms under storage

Illuminatis Nuclear arms under storage

Serious nuclear weapon has been stored by the Illuminatis around the world in underground store houses, and they may be brought to use any day when any nuclear power emerges in future.

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