Top 20 Proof Of Aliens Pictures Ever Taken

It is not only UFOs that have been captured by cameras throughout the world. There are many aliens as well who have been captured behind the lenses and these stunning pictures do confirm that aliens are pretty much there and they visit out planet more frequently we believed them to be doing. Here are top 20 alien pictures that will bring you to the edge of your seats.

Picture # 20

An alien is seen peeping through a window who looks baffled by the bright beam of light that is being pointed towards it. The being has large black eyes and is completely bald and has a conical face.

Proof Of Aliens Pictures 20

Picture # 19

An alien is seen holding something in his arms in the photo that captured the features of the alien very vividly. The alien has long fingers and large black eyes on a head which is completely bald.

Proof Of Aliens Pictures 19

Picture # 18

A very scary hybrid alien creature is spotted on the side of the road that looks straight into the camera. The head of the alien creature looks that o like a monkey, but the rest of the body is very strange and unearthly.

Proof Of Aliens Pictures 18

Picture # 17

Two alien figures are seen in the garden with one of them pointing towards a triangular UFO, lights of whose are visible in the dark night sky. The aliens are humanoids with long arms and bald heads.

Proof Of Aliens Pictures 17

Picture # 16

A military official is seen shaking hands with an alien that was supposedly captured live from the Roswell UFO Crash site. A scientist overlooks as the tiny four feet alien shakes hand with the military personnel.

Proof Of Aliens Pictures 16

Picture # 15

The corpses of three aliens are found lying side by side in this picture. The aliens have wiggly limbs and have large black eyes. These alien bodies are believed to have been recovered from the crash site of UFO at Roswell in New Mexico.

Proof Of Aliens Pictures 15

Picture # 14

The 1941 picture shows two gentlemen holding an alien which is not more three and a half feet tall. They are being photographed by a photographer as one of the men hold one of the thin and long arms of the alien. The alien looks straight towards the camera with its large black eyes that do not have any eyelids.

Proof Of Aliens Pictures 14

Picture # 13

The pinkish alien has large bulging eyes that are half covered with eyelids without any lashes. There is no trace of any hair on the alien. There are ears, however, the pinna is missing. Similarly instead of nose, the alien just has a pair of nostrils and a regular sized mouth. The alien looks to be captivated in a cage made of cross wires.

Proof Of Aliens Pictures 13

Picture # 12

The recovered body of a grey alien by the military is seen in the picture that is strapped to a stretcher. The aliens, that supposedly looks dead has teeth in the lower jaws and has a large head with large bulging eyes. The being looks like having webbed feet and not taller than 4 feet.

Proof Of Aliens Pictures 12

Picture # 11

An alien figure with a large head and equally large black eyes is standing inside a room which looks like cell of a jail or something similar. The alien has not very wide shoulders and long arms. There is no trace of any hair on the alien’s body.

Proof Of Aliens Pictures 11

Picture # 10

A strange looking alien creature is seen captured in of the traps that a farmer had laid to trap pests. The alien looks very thin and has a tail. The arms and legs of the alien looks like a human, but the head which featured by large black eyes and a large skull does not look anything close to being human.
Proof Of Aliens Pictures 10

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