Secrets Of Nome Alaska Aliens Abduction Stories

The small rural town of Nome in Alaska, also known as the Land of the Lost has been the scene for various people going missing over the last five decades. The cops and FBI have always tried to cover-up the whole thing saying that these mysterious disappearances are happening because of harsh weather and excessive consumption of alcohol. The fact that the city is on the remotest boundaries of the state of Alaska, makes it even more mysterious as whether the cops are to be believed or there is something unusual about Nome, Alaska.

The locals, however, strongly believe that there is some extraterrestrial connection and influence behind the people going missing. Here are some secrets about the whole chapter of Nome Alaska alien abduction stories.

The secrets of the abduction

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The mysterious disappearance of the people were initially being thought to be task of some serial killer who was killing people one by one and then hiding the bodies in any of the numerous lakes and other water bodies that are found in abundance in Nome, Alaska.

UFO sighting is a very common phenomenon in Nome, Alaska and as per UFO enthusiasts this region might be serving as some sort of command centre for the extraterrestrial life on earth. As per official records, about 40 people have gone missing in Nome, Alaska in between 1960 and current times. However, as per local belief the count of people who have gone missing is much higher and would actually be many hundreds, traces of whom are never to be found again.

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