Top 5 Alien Abduction Movies Till 2014

The existence of aliens and whether or not they abduct species of human races to conduct their experiments is something, confirmation to which is still awaited. Filmmakers however have used this topic in the most creative way to make some of the best alien abduction movies over the last few decades. Here is the list of top 5 alien abduction movies that would bring anyone to the edge of their seats.

Alien abduction (2014)

The movie is based on the experiences of Riley Morris and his family members while they were on a family camping trip. After spotting three stars like objects that vanish abruptly in the sky, the family gets diverted to a mysterious tunnel on their way back home, thanks to misleading GPS signals. Upon descending from the car at the tunnel, Peter Morris, and Corey Morris, father, and brother to Riley spot the silhouette an alien figure at the end of the tunnel. Soon enough, Peter Morris gets abducted by the aliens and the thrill begins from here. The rest part of the movie is all about the efforts of the family members to avoid getting abducted which they eventually cannot avoid for long.

Extraterrestrial (2014)

This movie revolves around April and her friends who shoot an alien in the woods to enrage the visitors as they consider the shooting to be a breach of the treaty between the aliens and the US government. As a revengeful act, a UFO abducts the friends one by one and takes them to a different planet, only to conduct horrific experiments on them. While the rest of the friends die, April and her boyfriend Kyle could finally return to Earth, only to be shot by US soldiers, possibly as retaliation to the efforts that the friends took in breaching the treaty between the government and the aliens.

Altered (2006)

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