Top 10 Possible Physical Signs Of Alien Abduction

There are numerous cases of people reporting about their alleged abduction by beings from the extraterrestrial world. As per the claims of the abductees, they are being abducted and transported to alien spaceships where they are being subjected to intense medical examinations. There is hardly a concrete method to check if these claims are unscrupulous or hold any relation to the truth. However, there are certain physical signs that would possibly confirm the claims of the abductees. Here are top 10 such physical signs of alien abduction.

Physical Signs Of Alien Abduction

1.Mysterious and unexplainable implants would be found in the body, especially the hand, foot, hip, ankles. These implants would not be seen otherwise, unless the abducted is being inspected thoroughly by a medical practitioner.

2. Mysterious and unusual marks on the body should be there if the person is being actually abducted by aliens. Scars, bruises, laser cuts, scoops etc. should be there on the waist, ankles or back of the person.

Physical Signs Of Alien Abduction 4

3. The alleged abductees would develop the habit of sleepwalking. They would tend to go out of the house while they are in their sleep. During this time the aliens are believed to be guiding them by means of telepathy.

4. A number of sudden and concurrent illnesses would crop up. Rashes on the skin, sinus problems, migraine pain and a number of other similar kinds of illnesses would start troubling an individual after they get abducted by aliens.

5. Even if there was no previous history, yet the abducted individual would suffer from nose bleeding. This, in most likeliness is caused by the various probes that are shoved into the nose of the abducted while they are being experimented upon.

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