Top 20 Ancient Proof Of Aliens

(14) The carved stone that was found in Lake Winnipesaukee looks exactly like an astronaut with his help on. The egg shaped stone bears different symbols on the back side and it is believed to have been made at least ten thousand years back. The oldest civilization dates back to 2218 BCE which is about four thousand years back only.

carved stone Lake Winnipesaukee ancient aliens

(15) The lid of the great Mayan Emperor Pacal’s sarcophagus shows him taking off for heaven in a space shuttle. The emperor is seen controlling some levers with his hands while he has a nozzle pipe close to his nose which resembles oxygen supply pipe of the modern days.

(16) The Lolladoff Plate which dates back to twelve thousand years ago bears the image of a figure which looks remarkably similar to the classic grey aliens that we hear people talking about. The plate also bears a spiral galaxy with an UFO at the very beginning of the spirals.

Lolladoff Plate ancient aliens

(17) Minted in 1680, the French UFO coin bears the shape of a UFO flying in the skies.

French UFO coin ancient aliens

(18) The different Mayan artifacts that have been released by the Mexican government bear the figures and faces of many beings with large oval eyes that look more alien than human.

Mayan artifacts ancient aliens

(19) The statue of the Ubaid Lizard Man that is found in present day Iraq and is believed to be made about four to six thousand years ago depict strange lizard like humanoid figures which would remind you more of aliens than of anything else.

statue of the Ubaid Lizard

(20) The Nazca lines of Peru that stretch for miles on the rough terrain of the deserts of Peru are thought to be drawn by aliens as drawing such impeccably straight lines was not possible for ancient men in those early days.

deserts of Peru aliens drawing

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