Top 5 Underwater UFO Sightings

UFOs or unidentified flying objects have been the point of discussion for thousands of people on whether they really exist or not. UFO sighting in the skies of many countries has been reported in large numbers over the last few decades. However, there are certain underwater UFO sightings as well which not many people are aware of. Here is the list of such top 5 underwater UFO sightings that will make you understand that it is only the skies for the aliens to hangout, but they use the waters as well.

No. 5 – Lake Titicaca UFO Sighting, Peru

A mysterious circular object was spotted under the waters of Lake Titicaca in the borders of Peru and Bolivia in on 3rd August, 2013. It looked like a circular patch of light blue in the deep blue surface of the lake. No bubbles or activities were registered by live witnesses who were perplexed at the thought of getting a chance to look at a UFO, unidentified submerged object.

No. 4 – Table Rock Lake UFO incident, Missouri

Table Rock Lake UFO

A big silver ball was spotted by a couple in the waters of Table Rock Lake near Branson, Missouri. The incident took place sometime in mid July in 2013. The circular object which seemed to be 10 feet wide and lied about 10 feet deep into the water was initially thought to be a marker buoy. The couple couldn’t make it out as in what was the object really as it moved away from into the open waters without producing any wake or bubbles. As per UFOlogists, the Table Rock Lake has been one of the hotspots of UFO sightings.

No. 3 – Santa Catalina UFO Sighting, California

Santa Catalina underwater UFO

The waters of the Pacific Ocean near Santa Catalina Island exploded with light for almost two minutes continuously as about 200 flying spheres emerged out from the waters and dashed into the skies towards the space on the night of 14th June, 1992. These USOs which became UFOs after emerging out of water were spotted by local residents over the Santa Monica mountain range that night. The flying spheres that emerged out of water did not make any noise as they shot off towards the space in supersonic speed.

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  1. We witnessed a ufo rising from the ocean in august of 2004 while sailing to the dry tortugas approximately 90 miles southwest of naples florida. It was about 2 a.m. we were motoring s there was no wind. It was change of watch. I was down below not 2 minutes when the mate at the wheel called for me. I got on deck just in time to see the object floating in the sky moving away from us to the southwest. Our gps had failed and needed to be restarted. went back below after the object disappeared. The depth in the area can only be estimated as the depth sounding quits reading over about 500 feet so I estimate the depth greater than that.

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