Top 20 Most Possible Alien Abduction Symptoms

Getting abducted by aliens is not something that happens very frequently in someone’s life. As per the firsthand accounts of many alien abductees in the past, the memories during the period of abduction are somehow wiped off. Hence people may not be able to understand that whether they actually got abducted or not.

However, there are many symptoms which will indicate that one had been abducted by extraterrestrials. Here are such top 20 symptoms to help you understand that you had paid a visit to the little green men. This list of alien abduction symptoms has been collated basis the various experiences as jotted down by a group of alien abductees.

alien abduction symptoms

(1) Lost time – This is the most important symptom of all. You would not be able to remember anything about a certain period of time. This period could range from a few minutes to days or months as well.

(2) Strange dreams – You would dream about flying around, or being held captivated in small room, or large eyes looking at you or something very strange like these. This is caused as the subconscious mind will try to tell you what might have had happened to you while you were being abducted.

(3) Paralyzed in bed – You would wake up without being able to move any part of your body temporarily. You would not think this to be a major cerebral attack as after sometime you would gain back your mobility.

(4) Marks on the body – There could be strange marks on the body that would look like laser cuts. Ankles, wrists, back, lower abdomen are the areas that would have these marks in higher probability.

(5) Feel like being watched – No matter where you go, what you do, you would always feel like being observed by someone. This would be more prevalent just before going to sleep.

(6) Malfunctioning of electronics – The TV or the radio behaves erratically the moment you go close to them. This could be caused by the string electromagnetism that you have acquired in your body during your visit to the alien spaceship.

(7) Humming or buzzing sound – Just before bedtime you would be hearing strange humming sounds inside your mind.

(8) Feeling insomniac – You would not be able to sleep properly. Terrifying dreams of being devoured by wild animals (especially owls, coyotes or wolves), UFOs or getting tortured will keep you awake for long hours.

(9) Somnambulism – You would start walking in the sleep without any prior history of doing so. You would have no control over yourself during that phase of time.

(10) Urge to travel – There would be mental compulsion for you to visit a different location, without any good reason for you to visit that location.

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