Top 10 Alien Cave Drawings Proof The Existence Of Aliens

Alien Cave drawings in Asia and Australia

(6) Cave drawings of Kimberly, Australia which were drawn about 5,000 years ago depict a group of alien looking beings with large bulging eyes and missing lips. Some of the images have a head gear as well that looks like a space helmet.

Alien Cave drawings of Kimberly

(7) Rock paintings depicting aliens and UFOs are found in the state of Chhattisgarh of India as well. These paintings which are about 10,000 years old depict humanoid figures that do not have nose or lips and are characterized by large bulging eyes only. Some sort of craft with three stands is also seen in these paintings which can be nothing but UFOs or alien spacecrafts.

Alien Rock paintings Chhattisgarh of India

(8) Strange creatures with tentacles and disproportionate limbs are found in the cave drawings of Cape York that dates back to about 20,000 B.C. There are various such images, some of which resemble an ant like man, just as you would have read in some of the alien abduction stories.

Alien cave drawings of Cape York

Alien Cave drawings in USA and Mexico

(9) The cave drawings of Sego Canyon in Utah USA bears many strange looking creatures which have little resemblance to any earthly bring. Large eyes and missing limbs of the creatures would certainly remind you of visitors from the outer space. These paintings are found to be 7,500 years old.

Alien cave drawings of Sego Canyon

(10) Four figures can be seen with extended arms looking towards a large oval flying object in a 5,000 years old cave painting which is found in Queretaro, Mexico. There are beams of radiations seen coming from the flying oval object which gives the impression that the object is nothing but an UFO.

UFO cave drawings Queretaro, Mexico

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