10 Evidences To Prove The Existence Of The Ancient Civilizations Aliens

Since the beginning of the world many civilizations have come up, some of which that has left remarkable artifacts while some intrigue the modern man with their impeccable engineering and architectural skills. Looking at the unbelievable works of planning and engineering that those ancient people managed without the use of any modern technology, it is hard to believe that they built such huge civilizations all by themselves. There had to be some additional powers or skills that either guided the ancient men to build such huge civilizations, or that built the civilizations themselves. What could be the source of this additional power and skill? Gods or aliens?

While the religious sect of people would tend to believe that it was God who helped, the proponents of the ancient alien theory say that it was the aliens who were deemed as Gods those days, and it was, beyond doubt the aliens who played a major role behind the building of such mighty civilizations. There are many evidences that are produced by these theorists as well. In the following part of the article, an account of those evidences is discussed.

Puma Punku

Evidence 1 :

The civilization of Puma Punku, which is located in the highlands of Bolivia, has a field full of stone ruins. The massive stone blocks are made of granite and diorite, which are not only are hard to cut, but they were very heavy to be moved as well. 500-800 is not a matter of joke after all. Carrying out such a humongous task of moving, cutting, placing these stone blocks as per such precisely designed plans was certainly not humanely possible a thousand years back, unless there was alien intervention.

Puma Punku Ancient Civilizations Aliens

Indus Valley

Evidence 2 :

The extremely well planed cities of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa of the Indus Valley civilization, the presence of the highly efficient drainage and sewage system required a level of intellect which was supposedly not possessed by man more than five thousand years ago. These flawless plans scream to say that alien intellect was being used design the cities.

Indus Valley Ancient Civilizations Aliens

Evidence 3 :

The Indian epics speak of people with divine powers, flying machines and deadly weapons who were a part of daily life of the ancient Indians about three to four thousand years ago. Contemporary humans by no means could have access to such high-end technology only if they didn’t have aliens amongst them helping them build the civilization.

UFO figures Ancient Aliens Debunked


Evidence 4 :

Mu Civilization is considered to be the first civilization that existed 78,000 years ago and lasted for 52,000 years. The civilization was governed by excellent science of government which is believed to be more advanced than even today’s era. Ancient man with underdeveloped brains could certainly not have devised some governance mechanism like that, unless he was helped externally by the aliens.

Mu Ancient Civilizations Aliens


Evidence 5 :

Pottery work that is believed to be a part of Sumerian civilization of 4000-6000 BCE carries unexplained figures of non human structures that had no hair or lips, wiggly hands, and large bulging eyes. This is evidence that those ancient men met figures like these who helped them move forwards towards the path of evolution.

Sumer Ancient Civilizations Aliens

Tiwanaku & Egypt

Evidence 6 :

The architectural similarities of the Tiwanaku civilization and Egyptian civilization which are separated by a time of at least two thousand years point to the fact that both the civilizations had a common source of intelligence that belonged to beings from beyond the earth,

Tiwanaku & Egypt Ancient Civilizations Aliens


Evidence 7 :

The pyramid of the sun, located at the centre of the sun temple at Teotihuacan in Mexico points out to the fact that the astronomical knowledge of those who built the temple complex were far advanced than people of not only contemporary era, but of modern times as well.

Teotihuacan Ancient Civilizations Aliens


Evidence 8 :

The pictures on the intricately carved lid of Pacal’s sarcophagus shows the great Mayan emperor Pacal sitting in a spaceship with a nozzle in his mouth, foot on pedals and hands on some control panel. Such depiction is not possible unless he actually boarded something like that. No matter how intelligent they were, you certainly cannot expect the Mayans to build a spaceship more than a thousand years back.

Evidence 9 :

The Mayan culture and ancient culture also had striking similarities, irrespective of the fact these two civilizations existed at a gap of a thousand years at least and are geographically located at far distance from each other. Without the common source of aliens who helped build the civilizations, this is never possible.

Mayans Ancient Civilizations Aliens


Evidence 10 :

The description of colossal structures in the lost city of Atlantis of the Utopian civilization, as found in Plato’s account forces people to believe that constructing such gigantic structures was simply out of question with the limited technology that man had at those time. It had to be the aliens’ intellect and skills to have built something as mammoth as that.

Atlantis Ancient Civilizations Aliens