Top 10 Roswell Alien And UFO Secrets

If any UFO related event had grabbed the highest number of headlines and people’s attention, it was the Roswell UFO Incident which happened on 8th July, 1947. An alleged alien spacecraft had crashed in a ranch near Roswell in New Mexico. While the whole event was tried to be covered up by the US military and federal government as the crash of a weather balloon, there are many secrets of the Roswell alien and UFO that points towards the fact that what had crashed was nothing but an alien spacecraft.

(1) The Roswell Army Air Field or the RAAF had initially released a press release basis which the Roswell Daily Record newspaper had hit the headlines ‘RAAF captures flying saucer on ranch in Roswell region’. The news however got changed to the crashed object being a weather balloon by the next morning.

RAAF Roswell Daily Record newspaper

(2) On 2nd July, 1947, a UFO was seen flying northwest on the skies above Roswell in New Mexico, however, what happened to that UFO was not known to anyone. It is believed that it is the same UFO that had crashed a few days later.

2nd July, 1947, UFO Roswell

(3) Rancher Mac Brazel, whose ranch was the crashing ground for the unidentified flying object had reported that the crash had happened in the first week of July, however the cover-up story said that the weather balloon had crashed on 14 June 1947. Such timing gap certainly reveals a lot about the probable cover-up attempts by the officials.

What Truth Covered By US Military After Roswell 1947 UFO Crash

(4) In 1989, a man named Glenn Dennis claimed that his friend, who worked as a nurse at the Roswell Air base, happened to enter one of the examination rooms to discover that the doctors were bent over and examining the bodies of three creatures. As per the description of the nurse, the creatures had big bald heads, small bodies and long arms.

(5) There are many witnesses who reported of seeing a blazing aircraft high up in the sky moments before it crashed onto the ground. As per the witnesses, what crashed down certainly did not look like a weather balloon of any type.

witnesses UFO Roswell

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