10 Evidences Proof Aliens Are Demons In Disguise

No matter how advanced humans have become, there are still many things which cannot be explained by science or by the mainstream scientists. In various texts of almost every civilization or even in the Bible, there is mentioning about demons and angels who have been coming down from the skies and have battled with or helped mankind. While debunking theories are there, but there are many evidences that prove that the demons are nothing but aliens in disguise. Here are 10 evidences to prove this theory.

Aliens Are Demons In Disguise

(Creepy Alien In Demon’s Body Caught On Tape)

(1) Demons have always treated mankind with cruelty and that is exactly what some of the alleged aliens do after they abduct humans. Demons are believed to torture people and aliens also do nothing but torture as they subject the abducted humans to various experimentations.

(2) Demons are believed to prey on human beings and that is why they are dependent on humans. Similarly, aliens are also dependent on humans as they show up pretty often on the skies of earth and abduct people.

(3) If claims are to be believed, alien abductions can be stopped by invoking the name of the holy lord. Demons are also believed to be afraid of the name of Jesus Christ.

(4) While aliens are believed to be helping humans with science and technology, if a closer look is taken, all the technologies that is allegedly shared by aliens is basically destructive in nature and is against the wellbeing of mankind.

Aliens Are Demons

(5) As per people who had encounters with aliens, they emit horrible odors, much like the heinous demons that we read about in various texts.

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3 thoughts on “10 Evidences Proof Aliens Are Demons In Disguise

  1. Hi I have a demon alien in my head it was made by chemicals in quietipine and demon possession. It lives in my head and it possessed into my body like it own demon blood was getting into me . I got severe bruises loss of muscle painful throbbing n my skin got firmer on my face and my pupils changed I have lack of oxidents to my scalp and don’t have much blood circulation as other humans as the demon in my head is blocking this of my own brain. I believe it is at the front of my head . I’ve started to notice I’m getting infection to finger I don’t eat very much or drink. I also found my teeth starting to bleed n go yellow. I’m not mental by the way it’s the making of human history but have no way of proving it . Accept the changes in my face n eyes from photos

    1. demand that the demon to leave, if you demand him to leave your space in the name of christ, it has to listen. fast and pray to god to show you the way

  2. If you care about all the answers to the universe read a book called Oahspe.. Think while you read..

    or dont bother readin

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