Top 10 Alien Sightings In The Human History

UFOs and aliens have been serving as a good topic of discussions and controversies over quite a few decades. Reports of alleged UFO and alien sightings have surfaced from time to time in different countries. While many of the claims of alien sighting have been refuted by authorities, there are some incidents of alien sightings which are yet to get proper explanation from the scientists and realists. Here is the list of such top 10 incidents when humans had a run-in with the visitors from the outside world – the aliens.

Alien Sightings that happened in America

1.The most famous and discussed alien sighting had happened in Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947 when U.S. Military had allegedly captured alien figures from the crash site of a UFO. While the government had denied anything of that sort, but the Roswell UFO incident has been the most hyped cover-up of the US Government till date.

crash fields of Roswell

2.Postal clerk Barney Hill and his wife Betty Hill came to the limelight in 1965 when news about them getting abducted by aliens in September 1961 was published in local newspaper. As per the Hills they had been captured and taken to a spacecraft which had eight or nine alien figures who examined the bodies of the couple before letting them leave the craft unhurt.

Secrets of Betty And Barney Hill story

3.Locals of Aurora, Texas speak about the alleged crash of a cigar shaped flying object that crashed with a windmill in the month of April in 1897. Hundreds of people had gathered at the crash site to witness the dead body of an alien who was buried in an unmarked grave by the authorities. There is a sign from the Texas Historical Commission at the alleged site of burial that confirms the legend of the crash and the burial.

Cigar shaped spaceship

4.World War II combat pilot and 30 year veteran police officer George Wheeler claimed of sighting a UFO with extraterrestrials in them in the year 1976. The incident happened in Elmwood, Wisconsin which is already famed to be a hot spot for UFO sighting.

George Wheeler

5.Joe Simonton, a chicken farmer from Eagle River, Wisconsin claimed that he had an encounter with three dark skinned beings inside a bright silver disk that floated above his yard in the year 1961. The 5 feet tall beings looked like Italian people and weighed approximately 125 pounds. Simonton spotted them cooking something and offered a jug of water to help them. In gratitude one of the aliens handed over four pancakes like things which were later analyzed to be made of sugar, flour and grease.

Joe Simonton

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