5 Stages Of Alien Xenomorph Life Cycle

3rd Stage – Alien Chestburster

What Is The Alien Chestburster And Why it Always shows In The Alien Movies

The third stage of the life cycle of Xenomorph is the chestburster, which is the infant form of the Xenomorph alien. When the host is infected by the facehuggers, one of the chestbursters would burst out of the host’s chest in a span of few hours causing death to the host and bringing a new xenomorph into existence. These are usually large worm looking beings that are brown in color. Their mouth is featured with metallic teeth and they have a tail which lets them move around at extremely high speed. While some chestbursters are thought to have arms, most of them are devoid of any arms usually.

4th Stage – Alien Xenomorph

Alien Xenomorph

The adult xenomorph is about 7 to 8 feet tall weighing in between 130 to 180kgs. These aliens are characterized by large, curved and oblong head and a large and muscular tail. The exoskeleton of the aliens is very hard and almost impenetrable and is highly resistive to environmental changes. It has great skills in camouflaging itself with surrounding environment which makes the preys completely unaware that the xenomorph is on close proximity and would bring about death in a matter of few seconds.

5th Stage – Alien Queen

Alien Queen

The next and the last stage of the life cycle of the xenomorph is when the adult xenomorph grows large enough to be the queen of all xenomorphs. The size of the queen is usually double the size of a grown up adult and at times even larger than that. There is mentioning of Queen Xenomorphs that are about 100 feet tall! The queen is known to possess excellent speed, power and strength which are clubbed with super intelligence.

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