10 Evidences Of Tall White Aliens In Charles Hall’s Books

Charles Hall is famous for his book series “Millennial Hospitality”. The author is actually an US air force personnel, and wrote the books to reveal his experiences with the Tall white aliens, when he was posted at the Nellis Air Force base at Nevada, in the year 1964. Initially he wrote his experience under the cover of a science fiction in his books. Later he summoned up more courage to reach the mass and confess that the things revealed in his books are all real and extra terrestrials actually exists, and have infiltrated into various strata of the society. His revelations form strong evidences in proving that tall white aliens do exist.

Here are the 10 evidences proving tall white aliens in the books of Charles Hall.

(1) Hall was attacked in the mid desert by a group of the tall whites who wounded him badly, mainly on the neck region, and he could have bled to death if he did not press his wound against the earth with his body weight. The aliens wounded him, and then observed him fight the battle of life and death.

Tall White Aliens

(2) Hall was hypnotized by the tall whites, and he admits it.

Tall White Aliens desert

(3) The tall whites carry a pencil like weapon with them. This helps them hypnotize, kill, control, and torture the humans. The weapon releases signals which interacts with some ions in the human body, and can thus help in controlling humans.

Tall White Aliens hypnotize pencil

(4) Hall was addressing as “teacher’s pet” by the ETs. They treated him as a pet, and as they have a preference for class, they always took interest in interacting with the higher ranking military officers, and neglected the junior and lower class people.

charles hall was addressed

(5) They came from the star Arcturus or something resembling the word, which they revealed to Hall. The star is almost 36 to 105 light years away from earth. They always tried hiding this detail, which somehow Hall knew in parts because of a telepathic link he had established with them and could catch some of their mental conversation and signals.

Tall White Aliens star Arcturus

(6) Hall’s observation of the aliens suggests that they used the earth as a middle point in their path between their home star and another destination. The US air force buildings and bases with their heights and dimensions suggests to Hall, that these have been built by the US government while keeping in mind the security and safety and needs of the Tall whites.

Tall White Aliens earth

(7) Hall could catch a glimpse of one of their aircrafts, and could understand he technology somewhat, which was based on super coiled fibre optics and many more complicated tools. As a result the crafts were weightless and could fly against gravity easily.

Where Do UFOs Come From Do They Come From The Bermuda triangle

(8) Once Hall got the opportunity to slip through an unguarded hang door of an aircraft, and found out that the door panel has two rows of touch buttons which were new to the humans at that time. The car touch buttons had pictorials and hieroglyphic type symbols on them, which resembled the ancient Egyptian style.

ancient Egyptian touch buttons

(9) There is a children’s playground at one side of the desert, where the kids of the aliens can play.

tall white alien kids

(10) The landing of the space craft through which the tall whites arrived always happened on a particular position of the earth, sun and moon combo. This offered a smooth decent for their aircraft.

earth, sun and moon combo

There are many more evidences, recording, and facts which have been revealed in the writings of Charles Hall, and the humans have a lot to know and understand about the tall Whites who are now present in between us, but in disguise.

4 thoughts on “10 Evidences Of Tall White Aliens In Charles Hall’s Books

  1. Charles hall wrote a book, ok…..
    The fact is, mr. hall has worked around tall whites while in the navy,
    ( weather observer ) if I am correct.
    I do believe that life exists other than
    Here on earth.
    I just cannot get the thought out of my mind, that with the technology
    To travel the stars, why would they need planet earth? (Just asking)

  2. It took Charles a very long time to come to terms with his encounters and write down his story. He started doing this in the 1980’s, having told his then to-be wife about his experiences six months after meeting her. He shared the secret, but not with many people. The manuscript was intended to be his biography, leaving behind to his family the documentation of what had been his remarkable encounters with the Tall White aliens while serving as a simple weather observer at Area 51, Nevada. Originally written as a fictional account with changed names and locations to protect himself and those who had served with him in the Air Force, Charles Hall later made clear that his series of four books, “Millenial Hospitality”, is as close to a documentary as possible. It took him years to live through the emotions of each encounter again, and to write down every detail as best as he could remember.

  3. I don’t believe they are from another world. They moved underground splitting off from us after the great flood. They still live almost as long as they did before the flood. We don’t because of the radiation. They use 100 percent of their brain and we don’t live long enough to. We use about 15 percent of our brain and die as children. Our subconcious is meant to open as our brains mature possibly within 200 or so years. We are probably the only creature with a subconscious mind on this earth. Tall whites are our cousins. They live to around 600 plus years. They have every reason to not want us visiting them or knowing about them. Our viruses and bacteria are so numerous that aliens would die off as fast as the islanders in the south pacific when Europeans visited them and gave them measles etc.

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