Top 6 Proof that the Mayans and Aliens were Related to Each Other

The Maya civilization has always been regarded as a mysterious and advanced cultural form. From the highly developed civilization that they created, it is far more than the earth civilization at that time. It can be said that the Maya are closely related to the aliens, and “there are things to prove”. Here are the best evidences that the Mayans and aliens were connected.

1. Maya pyramids

Judging from the Mayan pyramids that have been discovered, it is completely impossible to use only human power without the help of animal power, metal tools, etc. For example, how is the stone cut into such a regular building material? So far, archaeologists have not found any signs of the use of animal power and metal tools around the pyramids.

2. Large stones for building the pyramids

How did the large stones for the construction of the pyramids arrive at the construction site? Archaeologists have not found any traces of large stone fields or roads (including waterways) around the pyramids. According to research, these large stones must be transported from at least ten kilometers away. So how are they shipped? Did they “fly” over?

3. UFO landing field?

At the center of almost all the pyramids is a large, flat plaza that archaeologists previously thought was a gathering place for religious ceremonies. It is now thought to have been a landing pad for Mayans (or aliens) to park their spaceships. The Mayans used spaceships to transport the large stones needed to build the pyramids.

4. The high intelligence of the Mayans

The positions of the pyramids in these pyramid groups have amazing coincidences and echoes with the astronomical astrology and the trajectories of the universe. How did the Mayans achieve such extraordinary mathematical and astronomical wisdom? So far, archaeologists have not found any evidence that can explain the Maya’s IQ development trajectory from low to high. Were the Mayans aliens with higher IQs than Earthlings?

5. Steps of the Mayan pyramids

If you have been to the Mayan pyramids, you will find that the steps of these pyramids are so steep that most tourists need to use both hands and feet to “climb” up. Some scholars believe that this may be because the height of the Mayans is generally more than 2 meters, so the stairs they built are so steep. The average height of more than 2 meters should not be earthlings, right?

6. The Tzolkin, Mayan calendar

The strongest basis for the “Alien theory” is the Mayan “Tzolkin” calendar. An annual calendar in which a year is divided into 18 months and 20 days per month. The question is: why did the Mayans work out such an almanac? The Earth year calculated by the Mayans (365.2420 days per year) and the 365.2422 days calculated by modern science, the error is only two ten thousandths, that is, only one day in 5000 years. Then, with such precise mathematical and astronomical abilities of the Mayans, it is impossible to come up with a “Tzolkin” calendar for no reason. What planet is this “Tzolkin” calendar for? If the Mayans were just people living on Earth, how did they observe the movement of other celestial bodies that could not be observed on Earth? Unless, they are immigrants who came to earth from alien planets.


Evidence that the Mayans were aliens is that they lived in environments that were markedly different from those of other civilizations. They did not live in areas with fertile rivers. The Mayans in the civilized era refused to contact the primitive people of the time and built a city of high cultural level, but they still adopted a closed policy. The Mayans were significantly more technologically advanced than any other civilization, using techniques not yet available to humans to build stone cities. And these are the mysteries of archaeological history.