Ancient Murals Found in Chhattisgarh Cave Prove that Aliens Once Came to Earth

Over the years, the discussion of aliens has not stopped, and even increased, which shows that human beings are very curious about such extraterrestrial events. Although modern countries are unable to search for traces of aliens by all means, it does not mean that there were no traces of aliens in ancient times. In recent years, many strange antiquities have been found in archaeology, which can give some information about aliens.

In 2000, a British archaeological team discovered several murals in Chhattisgarh cave, India, which caused a wide public debate. In those murals, people can clearly see several round objects similar to flying saucers and a group of strange looking creatures, many scientists immediately identified these as alien creatures and Ufos.

As they examined the murals more closely, scientists discovered an even more surprising fact: they were at least 10,000 years old. This immediately let all the project staff fell into a meditation, ten thousand years ago, the society should be very poor and backward, why can have the technology to search for aliens?

The murals were discovered in caves in the villages of Chandeli and Gotitola, 130 kilometers from Raipur. According to the Times of India, archaeologist JR Bhagat said that the images depicted in the murals are very similar to those of aliens in Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

“This discovery shows that prehistoric humans may have seen or imagined life from other planets,” Bhagat said. “We still need to do further investigations and a lot of research, and there are currently no such experts in Chhattisgarh.” Bhagat told the Times of India that there are some legends about aliens circulating locally. Some people say that they heard from their ancestors that there was a small and thin person (rohela) who fell from the sky in a large circular aircraft, took away one or two villagers and never came back.

Bhagat said that the natural pigments of the murals have not faded for tens of thousands of years, and the figures in the paintings have large heads, long necks and long hands, some without noses and mouths, and some even wearing space suits. “It’s really incredible,” Bhagat added, because this ancient mural is strikingly similar to the UFO shown in the alien movie. The sector antenna and the three-legged vehicle clearly depict the image of a UFO.

It is reported that there are descriptions of advanced alien life in some ancient Indian texts and even older prehistoric texts. This may also indicate that prehistoric humans had witnessed aliens and flying machines and created corresponding murals.

US scientists believe aliens have visited Earth

Stanton Friedman, a 75-year-old American physicist, says he is convinced that alien life has visited Earth and stayed there for a long time. Friedman holds a master’s degree in nuclear physics and has spent decades researching rocket fuels for some of the world’s top aerospace companies.

Friedman said there are two main reasons for the current lack of information about Ufos and alien events: the fact that for decades the government has treated all UFO evidence with caution; The second reason is that scientists involved in the research are not sure about the diagnosis of mysterious UFO and alien events, and they are afraid of misjudgment.

“I am still optimistic about alien exploration,” Friedman said. “I am 75 and believe that in my lifetime I will see scientists confirm that humans are not the only intelligent life in the universe.”