The Real Alien Abduction Stories Happened Before

The person Jenny says that she has been abducted several times by the aliens since her childhood. The aliens have been given information about why the aliens are coming to the earth. Similar abductees have been reiterating the same that the aliens have been in their minds and give them information. The information is that they have come in pace and that they are not coming to abduct anyone. The images that they have been shown indicate that the future may be different from what were are saying. The abductees say that the earth has reached extinction and soon we may be extinct like the dinosaurs.

The abductees have been shown the way the earth will end through devastating earthquakes, raining, flood and even lightening. This environmental change will affect the humans to very large extent. The human beings will be required to adapt to this extreme changes of environment and we may need new bodies. The body will have to evolve so that we have to survive. Although the aliens have abducted them they believe they are coming with a solution to the problems that we will face. They are coming in peace and to save the human race. Their contact with aliens hey believes that they are good beings that want to help us.

The Real Alien Abduction Stories

Some the abductees have been taken to UFO world and they have even grown together after being abducted. This shows that the abduction was just like what we see in movies but they believe they have met the aliens even in the conferences and shared information. One of the cases was the couple who saw an alien in form of dove that was flying over their car and they believe it was trying to abduct them. Some have even undergone tests done by the aliens, the experiments involve taking them to the labs and some of them have been given special powers to see the things that we cannot see. Others believe that they have been implanted with aliens tracking devices that locate them where they are.

The alarming alien abduction has been in increase over the years and sometimes same members of the family have been adducted together. They even could recognize some people that they had seen. The common thing that they say they saw before abduction was right light and after waking up they could not account for five days or more. This abductions lead to them worrying and even attending counseling or joining support groups to make them understand. This testimonies shows that aliens abduction stories are real and people have testimonies to support this.