Top 10 Proof Of Aliens Visiting Earth

A huge point of debate that has been ongoing amongst mainstream scientists and believers of the ancient astronaut theory is that whether there aliens actually exist or not and if they do, did they ever visit our planet or not. The proponents of the ancient alien theory firmly believe that aliens have been paying regular visits to the planet in the past and there are many evidences that prove the same. Here are such top 10 evidences that will serve as proofs for aliens visiting earth in the ancient past.

Evidences in ancient drawing, artifacts and texts

There are numerous examples of ancient drawings which bear strange structures which do not look contemporary to those days by any means. These objects which look more like flying saucers or alien spacecrafts clearly prove that ancient man did encounter such objects which are why he has drawn them.

(1) Ancient UFO paintings of the Madonna with Saint Giovannino

ancient ufo paintings the Madonna with Saint Giovannino

(2) Ancient UFO paintings at the Picture of Christ

Ancient UFO paintings at the Picture of Christ

(3) There are many ancient rock paintings as well that shows ghostly white figures interacting with humans. The paintings which look exactly like the grey aliens as described by many abductees are a solid proof that ancient man did see aliens visiting the planet and they also had interactions with the visitors.

ancient drawings of aliens of Egyptian 400 BC

(Ancient drawings of aliens in the Egyptian, 400 B.C.)

(4) Various ancient texts around the world have mentioning about flying crafts which would come down from the sky and would carry the Gods in them. The mention of these flying crafts certainly point to the fact that the aliens had been coming down to the earth from different planets on their alien spacecrafts, which ancient man thought to be divine vehicles.

Vimanas ancient aliens texts with flying crafts

(5) The unusual appearances of the Statues and artifacts of the ancient times prove that ancient man did come across beings that looked non human and non earthly as well. The Japanese Dogu statues are the best examples of such artifacts which bear striking resemblance to the modern day conceptualized appearance of ETs.

Statues and artifacts ancient aliens

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One thought on “Top 10 Proof Of Aliens Visiting Earth

  1. I found UFO/Flying saucer graffiti on a wall in a neighbour in my country, Nigeria.

    I also once had a trance-like dream where I saw a landed saucer. I was scared and I don’t remember if I ran or just woke up. It was wierd. :3

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